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Thomas Todd
Pinhead, the Thing and the Xenomorph: Evil for evil's sake. Leatherface: Almost the exact same character as Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees (almost). The only character on this list that doesntt fall into your examples of why the Big Three Big Bads aren't on this list is Brundlefly, but one could argue that his evil was born out of the same circumstances as that of Jason and Leatherface: perceived vilification based upon appearance. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jason Vorhees was resurrected after being drowned in Crystal Lake and commenced to take revenge on horny teenagers because they chopped his mommy's head off after she went on a murderous rampage and killed several of them. However, none of that would've ever started if they hadn't ignored him because nobody wanted to touch the gross kid. Basically the same thing as what Leatherface endured as a kid. Aside from all of that, you say the Big Three have had too many sequels to be taken seriously. There are nine Hellraiser movies. Including the reboot and "Freddy vs. Jason," there are nine ANoES films. There are ten "Halloween" movies if you take the reboots into account. There are twelve Fridays with FvJ. Admittedly, these franchises fell flat after the first three films, but Hellraiser and Alien only actually had one scary film each in their respective runs. This should've been a top ten list because everyone knows the top five are undoubtedly Freddy, Jason, Michael, Xenomorph and Leatherface (in no particular order). By the way, Brundlefly wasn't campy? Come on, man!

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