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Before Comic-Con, nothing seemed quite right. Sony, Paramount Pictures and even Marvel all decided to skip the conventions where they thrived. Such events as Sony secretly previewing movies in 2014 that are just mere months away now, Tom Hiddleston (in full Loki armour) at Marvel's 2013 panel and the unforgettable appearance of Christopher Nolan in Paramount's panel last year wouldn't be topped in this year's convention.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, SDCC 2013
Tom Hiddleston as Loki, SDCC 2013

But those other studios didn't seem to exist after DC's dynamic panel duo. Before Comic-Con had even started, Zac Snyder (director of Batman v Superman) arrived in the Batmobile that would be featured in the movie AND threw out free t-shirts to his loving fans. Then came the first of two panels that sent Hall H into overdrive, Batman V Superman. Information on new characters, new details on the relation and rivalry between Gotham and Metropolis and the long-awaited confirmation of the DC Cinematic Universe. This was all before the three-minute trailer, with the first-footage of Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and the links to Man of Steel, being considered one of Comic-Con's best. The trailer spread it's wings through social media in seconds, before being officially uploaded within hours to The Warner Brothers' Youtube channel.

Then came the trailer from their second panel that defied every expectation. Suicide Squad proving that some of the strangest casting, can also be the best. The trailer showed Cara Delevingne, before and after becoming Enchantress, Margot Robbie as both Harleen Quinzel and Harley Quinn, and Will Smith re-copuerating his serious acting-side to play Deadshot. The punchline came when one simple cackle echoed in the trailer, the irreplaceable laugh of The Joker. "I'm not gonna kill you, I'm just gonna hurt you.. really, really bad", said by Jared Leto gave birth to the Joker of the new generation. Those thirteen words gave his interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime a new, more diabolical with some even calling it the best iteration bettering both Ledger and Nicholson, a year before release!

With Deadpool, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and Captain America: Civil War all planned for a release next year. We can safely say 2016 will be excellent for comic-book movie fans, but also a year to remember for all DC fans.


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