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(this is a one-shot i wrote years ago!)

"Guys! i finally bought it!" i yell happily as i carry a bag from Gamestop into the room were the others were. We were all at Stark Towers, just hanging out bored so i went to Gamestop were i finally saved up every penny to buy the best game ever.

"bought what?" Tony said rolling his head towards me. Everyone was just sitting on the couch staring at who knows what.

I walked into the middle where everyone could see and i, dramatically, lifted the game out of the bag.

"Super smash brothers brawl!" i said holding it up to the sky.

"What?" Steve looked at it closely.

"that is a rather long name," Loki smooth talked.

"the Wii version," Tony said taking it from me.

"we could do that," Clint nodding at Natasha who shrugged.

Thor opened the case and frowned, making the impression that it was weird.

"Come on guys? it cost me $44 dollars. You'll love it!'s a fighting game," i smiled. i had played before but now i brought me very own.

Finally everyone agreed to play...even Loki. For some reason, everyone agreed for me to choose there characters for them. so...i paired them up with who i thought would be best for them.

Me: Pit kid Icarus.

Thor: Ganondorf (because i thought it would be funny)

Tony: Ness

Clint: Link

Natasha: Samus

Steve: Mario (that or Captain Falcon...but i thought it would be more interesting to see him with Mario.)

Loki: Lucario

I'm just going to skip the boring stuff and just say it took me a very,very, very,very, VERY long time to teach the people....especially Thor, Loki, and even Steve how to play and handle the remote, in till finally we all gathered around Tony's big TV to start.

"ok...being the nice person that i am...I will go first," Tony smiled taking one of the four remotes. we decided to do a 1x1, so it won't go all crazy.

"Ya, that's the reason," Natasha rolled her eyes.

"I think you should take on Tony," i smile at Natasha who agreed, going to the front.

"I'll make the popcorn!," Clint said leaving to the kitchen.

After telling everyone there assigned characters, i made them start off at Zelda's Temple, which was big enough so that the newbies wouldn't fall off the edge so quickly.


"Kill the woman!" Tony yelled as he controlled Ness to charge.

"Kill brat boy!" Natasha yelled back as she made Samus shoot a missile right at Ness, making him fly back and his percentage go up.

"So that's how it's going to be ah? well...burn! baby burn!" Tony yelled making everyone jump slightly as he made Ness shoot fire over and over again at poor Samus.

i had to admit, things got intense with these two. Punching, guiding missiles, fire, blocking, lasers, in till there percentages were almost at 200%

"Final smash!" i almost scream as i point to the screen as the glowing ball glided in the air, randomly towards them. The two characters practically race towards it in till Samus threw a random green shell lieing around on it, automatically giving her the ultimate power.

"Take this...Devil child," Natasha smiled as she activated it, causing her character to blast the zero laser...of death, straight on Ness, helplessly. Tony's face turned mad. Ness automatically died but we had a chance to see Samas's suit break, looking at Zero suit Samus' form, causing Tony's mouth to drop into a smile with his eyes wide as he looked at an annoyed Natasha.

"Don't even say it," she put a hand to his face.

"alrighty! congrats Nat. You won this round. now wh-" i started but heard the elevator beep, and in walked Bruce, with a smile on his face.

"I thought i heard smash brothers on," he said greeting us. "i call Bowser."

"wow, wow, wow, back of the line buddy," Clint said taking the control from Tony. "(name), i challenge you,"

"Not the wisest choice but, ok," i say taking the control from Natasha.

"So it is the Link vs. the Kid of Icarus?" Thor said studying the characters.

i give him a nod before i started the game going to the stage called, final Destination.

"Alright elf, lets see what you got," i smile pretending Pit was talking.


Link immediately shot an arrow.

i block it with my mirror shield.

"of course. well, while you shoot those...tooth picks, check this out," i smile as i make Pit shoot one of his awesome, faster arrows, actually hitting Link.

"No fair!" Clint yelled as he charged, hitting pit with a sword. Loki actually looked up from his book to see all the commotion. i swiped my dual blades at him in till the Final Smash ball came early this time, getting both of our attentions. i smile t myself.

"See ya," i laugh as i activated my blue wings going higher and faster, and with one mighty swing, i cracked the ball. My eyes widen with excitement as i activated it, making my...and Lady Palatina's troops come, and start ramming into poor Link. I slowly looked over at Loki, who looked back and i smiled, as i said to him, "i have an army."

I beat Clint easily so i gave him a rematch...which i also won, but he was ok.

"Ok i don't know about you guys, but i've been dying to see Thor and Loki play," i smile at Loki who just kept on reading.

"i will try," Thor nodded as he took a remote from Clint.

I look up with big eyes at Loki, in the cutest way possible. "Please?" i smile wider at him as i held out a remote.

He gave a slight sigh before smirking at me. "Fine, but just one round," i nod as i helped him set up as Lucario.

Bruce helped Thor set him up with Gandondorf.


"Why does the gandondorf have braids in his hair?" Thor asked as he and Loki battled.

"Maybe he is part of the brady bunch?" Loki smiled at his own joke, but i slowly looked at him.

"How do you know about the brady bunch? that was made in the 70s."

"I know it!" Steve smiled.

"Oh! i forgot about the popcorn!" Clint yelled as he ran back in the kitchen. "now it's cold."

"Take this brother!" Loki hissed as he attacked Thor's character.

"Why is this character so slow?" Thor asked as he tried to make Ganondorf run away.

"Because you are," Bruce mumbled to himself, making a few others laugh.

"The final smash!" Tony yelled excitedly.

The character bolted, Thor activated it, but Loki made Lucario hit him a few times, making the ball free again, and Lucario took it. He immediately activated it without hesitation. Lucario's awesome laser blast came down from above. "so much power," Loki smiled as he immediately won the game.

"That's called rumble on your remote buddy," Clint said chewing popcorn.

"Alrighty Steve. your up, lets see what'cha got," i smile and hand him a remote. "Steve vs. Bruce...Mario vs. Bowser," i say getting excited.

"I'll take it easy on you," Bruce laughs as he chose the stage, Bridge of Eldon.

The king of Koopa is a destructive heavy weight and Mario... everyone's favorite plumber," Natasha laughs.

"Plumber? he's a plumber?" Steve looks to Nat and to me. i nod at him.


"Kill the plumber!" Tony yells making Nat hit him in the arm.

Bowser starts to maul Mario badly, causing the percentages to rise higher and higher. Mario threw some punches. Steve face cringes as Bowser grabs his character, leaps into the air crushing him under his weight as he comes dowm, but still alive.

We look back and forth at each character. I must admit, Steve puts up a fight. Going to crushing, jump attacks, belching a stream of flames, flipping Mario's yellow cape, Bowser's punching, Mario shooting bouncing flames, intill a Final Smash Ball cam onto the screen, making everyone gasp. Bowser went straight for it, but Mario went the other way, picking up a random baseball bat item and threw it, right at the ball, hitting it before Bowser did. After getting it, i saw Steve smile as he pressed to activate it, making Mario launch a great fiery blasts of fire. As the fire blast travel all the way across the screen, the room lit up with the red and white as we watch Bowser get swept away, dieing instantly. Both Bruce and Steve put down their remotes and turned around, Steve smiling. Natasha slowly smiling, Tony silence for once, Bruce stares down at the floor, Thor nodding his head slowly, Loki looking at everyone, and Clint had a piece of popcorn hanging from his mouth. I finally broke the Silence with clapping, which everyone else joined in, everyone laughing.

"Well that was a very good game everyone," i smile as we all stood up and stretch.

"i want a rematch," Tony pouted.

"I must admit, i found the game quite interesting," Loki says to me.

"So...anyone heard of Mario Kart?" i laugh.



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