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This is what haters say:

Hate #1: “His Music Sucks”
This baffles me because the kid is a legitimate talent. He plays the piano, writes his own lyrics and he sings well.
Sure, many songs cater to his 13-17 year-old female target market.
But when “Bandz A Make Her Dance” reaches platinum [here] and famous musicians from The Beatles and MJ to Britney and Beyonce get caught lip synching, how can you write off a kid for dominating the acoustic version off a song HE wrote, LIVE on a national television?

I love Justin! I know everyone has an opinion but the way some people can be really mean! Just let him achieve what he want, so his dream is to become a singer let him achieve it!

If There are any one who loves JB please support! Thanks

" Stop the hate spread the love."

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