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(this is a One-shot i wrote years ago!)

"For the last time no!" Natasha practically yelled at Tony and I.

"Come on! you never dress up for Halloween parties," i pout, making her head shake no again. All the other Avengers were out for the day doing there own thing before tonight. Halloween night. Tony decided to throw one of his big parties again, but you had to dress for Halloween of course. but...Natasha wanted no part in it.

"And give us Two good reasons why not?" Tony leaned on the counter.

Natasha twisted back around, holding up one finger. "One. i am a fear striking assassin, and do you know what that'll do to my reputation?!? You two should act grateful that you pull it off every year."

Tony and i nod in an understandable way.

"And second, i hate dressing up! i look!" she said putting her hands on her head as she sat down on the couch.

"Hey! don't stress! we won't make you. you don't have to," i say putting a hand on her shoulder.

"aw but (name) we" Tony said but i stopped him.

"Tony," i wink at him, which made him have a smile like i was on to something...which i was.

After Natasha went into the training room for a while, i get together with Tony at his lab and talked to him about my little idea, which he got so excited about. We got to work immediately, collecting a whole bunch of stuff for our project.

He and i waited by the door letting people in,making Tony hide the small, and light object in his in-coat pocket.

"Thor,Steve,Bruce,Clint, some guy i don't know, Bucky and Loki! so glad you can make it!" i greeted as i read off the names on the list as everyone came inside for the party.

"Natasha!" Tony and i said at the same time as we saw her behind Loki. All the avengers were wearing there own superhero outfit for costumes. how boring! well.....i just got some cat ears on and a fake tail along with make-up.

"So glad you came," i hug her, she returning it.

"Thank (name)" she smiled and looked at Tony.

Tony secretly took the object out of his pocket while he hugged her without noticing and playfully slapped her behind.

"Go have fun!" he said happily. She shook her head and laughed as she continued on.

Tony and i held in our laughter as we saw what Tony secretly put on her butt. He and i had made the shape of the red mark on a real Black Window Spider's butt and we had stuck it on her. It was big and red. Quite noticeable to everyone but her. He and i did a secret fist pump.

"Thanks for helping me with it," i tell Tony.

"Wait for it," he smiled as he took out a small button, and pressed it.

Instantly, the Black Widow mark started glowing bright and beeping, making both of us burst out in laughter, making a few people look at us.

"you know....she's going to kill us later," i smile at Tony, who laughed right back.


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