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(this is a one-shot i made years ago!)

"Beach day!" Tony yells threw out the rooms of his Tower.

I was laying on the couch relaxing when he yelled in every room, the rest of the Avengers were in. I sleepily lifted my head and opened my eyes partly.

"Beach? right now?" i say stretching. All the Avengers came into the room and sat on the couches.

"I have way to much work to do," Bruce said motioning towards the lab.

"Ya, and Steve and i are needed soon at SHEILD. Loki looks up from his book and shrugs.

"Ah you guys work to hard, plus I've been planning this for weeks! it's a beautiful day," Tony pouts.

"Then why don't you go," i smile at him, making him glare at me, but getting all the others to laugh.

"You guys will go and like it! and have a great time! got it!" Tony explodes.

Each of us stands side by side, looking at the huge ocean in front of us. We were all in our bathing suits, forcefully by Tony, and we had all come. Even Thor and Loki were in there swim suit...weirdly. Suddenly, Tony zoomed towards the water, screaming like a little girl with excitement, and he dove under the waves, popping back up, waving us over. I begin to laugh as i make my way towards the water, joined by Steve, Clint, Natasha, Bruce, and Thor, but i couldn't help but notice, Loki just puts out a beach chair and went to the shade sitting down, observing us. I gave another glance at him before i finally dove with the others into the water, hoping he'd come in later.


"Get (name)!" Clint yelled right after i pushed him playfully, making him fall, face first into the water. I gave an excited scream as all the Avengers start chasing after me, most of them falling. I ran out of the water, onto the safety of the beach, as the others caught there breath.

"Man, you guys are out of shape...except for you Steve," i tease but feel two arms snake around my waist, only to see Loki. his green smoke covers us and before i knew it, he and i teleported, and reappeared, 20 feet above the deep water.

"Don't you da-" i start but he gently lets go and i plum it down and crash into the water. I burst back up, but Loki fell next to me, making water go back into my face.

"Thanks," i laugh as i splash him, and he did it right back.


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