ByStar Wincan, writer at
Star Wincan
... Native Americans used the cornrows before African Americans, and it dates back even further than that. Cornrows did not start with black people. I'm sorry, but this needs stated: Cornrows were not started by blacks; They started well before black people used them. They were popular among Native Americans and Egyptians, among many other cultures. It is NOT purely a black person thing. This needs cleared up. Other than that, I love her, and agree with making something popular, while denouncing the culture it originally comes from, but cornrows were not started by black people, and they were not only historically used by black people. You need to use something that's more prevalent to ONLY black people to complain about it. Personally? I would use something they themselves can't change about themselves; Like how darker and darker skin is getting cool, but being black is bad. It's cool to tan to look black, but Gods forbid you are black! Or Jazz, or The Blues, or any of their soul foods. Those were stolen, and are primarily black culture, started by blacks for blacks. That's what I would be complaining about. You loving my Jazz, but you hate my race? Wtf? Seriously? That's what I would get to. Not the cornrow, that's not just a black person thing.

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