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Disney Infinity 3.0 is a little over a month away (Yipee!) and everything that is coming out on August 30th (release date) is confirmed. The lineup of Wave 1 items consists of everything announced, excluding two play sets. Although, more is to be announced. You know what that means! Speculation time!

My theory here, is that I can figure the number of and who the remaining Marvel figures are. My theory is there are four left which are Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision. Here's why:

Reason 1: The DI Logo Tease

How do I know the number of figures? Simple. VP of Production on DI, John Vignocchi, specifically told fans to look closely at the image below. He mentioned multiple times that there were empty areas for figures, giving us the ability to conclude that 4 Marvel figures, 9 Star Wars figures, and 16 Disney figures are yet to be announced.

Note that the logos for each franchise are empty.
Note that the logos for each franchise are empty.

Reason 2: Ant-Man Tease

There are really two reasons for Ant-Man. First of all, his movie would only be about a month old at the release of 3.0, meaning his popularity will not be gone. Secondly, on the most recent Toy Box TV Live (July 10th), there were two major teases toward our favorite 1 inch hero. The crew of DI was playing Pictionary, with characters in DI. When asked to draw an unannounced figure, the Production Manager on DI drew a simple dot. Then, the image below appeared. So, yeah...

Hmmm... Most likely Bambi! (LOL)
Hmmm... Most likely Bambi! (LOL)

Reason 3: Who Else?

This is the weakest reasoning of them all. No teases have been given for Vision, Scarlet Witch, or Quicksilver. But, honestly, who else would they pull in? Also, I would love these figures, and think they are the obvious choice.

Great characters!
Great characters!

Thank you for taking the time and I hope you agree! Take the poll below to tell me what character you want most! Thanks!


Which of my speculated 3.0 Marvel figures do you want most?


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