BySnuggly Kitty, writer at
They gave a black kid the ability to run fast, a criminal background, a deadbeat dad who isn't in his life, and as said already it's a white cop that "fixes" him. It's DC being racist as hell, then turning around and telling people they're not allowed to criticize it because that would be racist. DC has some amazing black characters they should have used. Bumblebee could get her own time in the spotlight and everyone would be happy there. Cyborg is amazing, and he's getting more attention for it finally. Static shock is great too. Plus, Wally being black isn't as big a deal as Wally not being Wally. He's lacking his signature sense of humor. He was the impossible to corrupt hero. DC had to kill him at one point because they couldn't imagine him being a dick, and yet they introduce this kid by having him commit a crime. Plus he's shown outright hating The Flash, while the true Wally was literally The Flash's number one fan. DC needs to listen to the fans before there are none left. I've seen more The Flash fans outright stop buying the comics because of this decision, than I have seen people praising it. The only people happy about this change are the people who only watch the TV show, and from what I can tell none of those people are running out to buy the comics so I don't know what DC is thinking.

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