ByJason Yeung, writer at my computer, literally all of the comments are negative/satirical. "I can guarantee if they hadn't included DoJ in the title, people, especially mindless fanboys would have lost their minds" Sorry, but I don't buy this for a second. The main reason people are excited is Batman/Superman. The new trailer is basically all Batman/Superman with a little bit of Wonder Woman. When the movie is over, no matter how much Wonder Woman or Aquaman appear, it will always be seen as the Batman/Superman movie. ----- "What did you think of the SS trailer? It was darker than I expected but then again it's the Suicide freaking Squad so it makes perfect sense, and I absolutely LOVED Joker and Harley. " Yeah, I really liked it too. Joker and Harley are the clear standouts, but I'm interested in seeing what the rest of the cast brings (besides Jai Courtney, perhaps the blandest actor in Hollywood). It has an intriguing, sinister vibe fitting for a contract killing movie. I hope Ayer can keep these characters sinister without being over-the-top or annoying. "You really do dig veeeery deep into these topics haha" Yeah, sometimes this is a very refreshing distraction from work, haha. "how much time would it take to finish every comment? :)" Usually about 20 minutes. I remember one of the longest ones where I had to fact-check RT scores or do research into what directors said / what rumors have been confirmed or denied, etc. took almost two hours. Yeah, this has been taking way too much of my free time. :) (I watched it, but it doesn't change my mind. My personal issue with the movie is that the fight scene just goes on an on with more destruction. And we have no time to see Superman react to the millions of lives that must have been lost. The fight, though definitely a spectacle, becomes almost like disaster porn. There comes a point where the damage almost seems glorified with this "battle of gods" taking precedence over all the humans below. When Superman tries to drive Zod away, he usually just ramming him into another building. And how does the movie continue after this fight? Superman makes demands to the government, mourns his father, and gets a job so he can "continue" being a hero. The destruction is not addressed after the fight! Superman doesn't seem to feel remorse (if he does, we don't even see it). The main point of the Battle of Metropolis seems to be that Superman beat Zod, not the many lives that must have been lost in the progress. I think that's a huge problem in the directing/editing of the movie. Honestly, I feel like the only reason the destruction is playing a huge role in BvS is that Snyder is trying to fix his mistake from MoS. We both know how controversial the destruction/killing of Zod is, but thankfully, BvS is "retconning" it. The fact that a YouTube channel had to be made to dispel MoS rumors is very telling. --- haha, i didn't mean to go on such a tangent)

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