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(this was a one-shot i wrote years ago! :D )

Natasha had to stay late at SHEILD so she told me to head out without her. 'great...I'll be stuck with the guys,' i thought as i walked into the elevator of Stark towers. I hear the ding of the bell and as soon as the elevator doors open, my ears got blasted out by the yelling of the Avengers arguing. They didn't even notice i came in! my eyes slightly widen as i slowly walk in, arms folded in front of me.

"Guys!" i yell as loud as i could over the argument but Tony,Thor,Steve,Bruce,Loki, and Bucky practically formed a circle yelling at the person either next to them,or across from them. I couldn't even tell what they were fighting about.

"Hey guys! I-". useless. I look over at the counter and grab a random bag.

"I have free cookies!" i yell and every head turned in my direction and every eye was on the bag in till Tony pushed everyone out of his way and grabbed it, looking inside.

'there's nothing in here," he looks up.

"Ya, that was to get your attention," i tell him and he crumpled the bag angrily and threw it.

"Anyway,what's with all the yelling?" i ask as i sit down, them still standing.

"Bucky....along with other certain people, said girls can't fight," Clint blurted out.

"And you had to say that to my face?" i frown.

"You asked," he shrugged.

"what brought this up?" i say sternly.

"Bucky" Steve smiles.

"Do you guys agree with him?" i say raising a brow and crossing my arms. I'm just going t show you who raised there hands...

~~~~the ones who think girls CAN'T fight~~~~




~~~~The one who think girls CAN fight~~~~





"Well at least these guys care," i smile at them.

"Now, why do you guys think girls CAN fight?" i smile sweetly.

"have you seen Pepper?!?" Tony yells.

"Natasha," was all Clint had to say.

"Jane fought for what she believes in," Thor looks down, thinking of the time he first came to earth.

Steve smiles. "well in 1964-"

"There weak!" Bucky said cutting Steve off. "there care more about nails and hair, they aren't as strong as guys, they...they...have nothing!" Bucky steps towards me.

"You want to go!" i yell standing and walking over to him. "I can take you down with both hands tied behind me!" i grit my teeth.

"To the training room!" Thor yells.

"No weapons. i want a good clean fight," Steve says standing in the middle of Bucky and I. We were in a good sized arena, the other Avengers watching from the side lines.

Bucky snicked, "she can't bring me down," he yells at the others. I keep a straight face.

"I can bring you to your knees under 5 seconds." i smile slightly.

Tony started placing bets.

"Are you both ready?" Steve yells. I gave a nod while Bucky rolled his eyes.

"Ready...go!" he hollers.

Bucky did two swings, i lowered my head and with one quick move i kicked him....down under, making him freeze up, tears form and he rolls over onto his side. i hear a lot of groans from the others. I stare down at him then back at the Avengers with there eyes wide. "Can i have lunch now?" i smile. I crouch down next to Bucky. "Now, there are three basic moves girls use, poke them in the eyes, punch them in the nose, what i just did," i smile as i put a hand on his shoulder. "Can we get some ice over here!"


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