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(lol i just love that Gif up top! i wrote this one-shot a while ago)

"Gather people," Tony told us all, as we all stood around him. He held a rather large box and had gathered us all the show us.

"This better be important," Clint groaned. i crossed my arms.

Tony rolled his eyes. "anyway, i give you, the most enjoyable contraption people use for there entertainment!" he held it up.

"such big words for you. quit talking like that and show us," Natasha sighed.

Tony shot her a glare before lifting the item out of the box.

"A pinata?" i snicker.

"Not just any pinata,....a star pinata" he replied dramatically.

"Whatever, i'm out," Natasha began to leave, with the others following, only Thor and i stayed.

"Did i mention there's Mike n Ikes!" Tony yells at the others, who immediately stopped and turned back around. "Hot Tamalis, MnMs, Peanut Butter cups, Dots, Sour patches?" Tony smiles, while they came closer.

"Your such a 5 year old," i tease him. "And why, might i ask, did you buy and even want to do this thing?"

"Nothing much. Thor's never done one. Steve perhaps?" he trailed off. I look at the others, who were looking to.

"There," Bruce smiles as he gets down from the ladder. He had tied it on the hook that he attached to the ceiling in the living room.

"Stick me," Tony smiled, holding out his hand for the, 'hitting stick' that Clint was holding. Clint rolled his eyes as he handed it to him.

"Watch the master," he looked at us and aimed at his target.

"Ya, the master of idiots," i smile as Steve takes hold of the rope to lower or lift the pinata.

he gets ready to swing, swings the stick, only to hit air. The pinata went up, and he missed. "That was a warm up," he cleared his throat. "Again," he narrows his eyes, swung, only to miss again. You could hear all the snickers in the room.

"perhaps i may give it a try," Thor says. walking over.

"Knock yourself out," Tony grumbled. He gave the stick to Thor, only for him to throw it aside, swung and hit the pinata, head on with his own hammer. Candy flew everywhere, while the actual Pinata hung like an open, dead carcass. "Is that what you were trying to do?" Thor asked Tony, who only glared at him.


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