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If you went to San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, then you're one of the lucky people who got to witness the first trailer for DC's upcoming movie, Suicide Squad. The trailer was screened during DC's panel at Hall H, and from the general audience reaction, it was stunning! The trailer got leaked shortly after, albeit in a super blurry and hard to hear version.

But now, thanks to the power of comic book fans all over the internet begging and pleading, the trailer has been officially released! You can check out the trailer in all its HD glory below!

Yes! Everything about this trailer is incredible! I have to admit, it easily blew past my expectations. It showed us a ton of amazing content, without spoiling the movie in the slightest.

But remember, this is a comic book movie we're talking about. So there's no way we saw everything the trailer has to offer in one go. Once you're done replaying it twenty times, join me on a detailed breakdown of (hopefully) everything this trailer has to offer!

Amanda Waller at Dinner

The trailer starts at a lovely restaurant, where Amanda Waller (portrayed by Viola Davis) is chatting over dinner with two government officials. Waller is the head of the 'Task Force X,' also known as the Suicide Squad. She gives them missions and orders and they follow them.

During the dinner, she mentions that it's taken her some time, but she's finally gotten "the worst of the worst." The "worst" she's referring to is of course the Suicide Squad. In the film, the Squad consists of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Slipknot, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, Katana, Rick Flagg, Killer Croc and El Diablo. But judging by Waller saying she's "finally found them," it wasn't always like that.

It's likely that she had other people in mind for the SS, before assembling this perfect dream team. Maybe she knocked on the doors of other known DC criminals before settling on these final nine. It'd be pretty cool to see who else was being considered for the Squad! There have been rumors that Aquaman baddie, King Shark was going to make an appearance in Suicide Squad as one of Waller's prisoners. Maybe she politely asked him to join the Squad, and when he refused, she politely locked him in a maximum security prison. If that's true, I doubt that'll hold him for long.

Alright Superman, What Did You Do This Time?

Amanda didn't just mention her new project at dinner, she also directly name dropped the Man of Steel! Superman's been getting a lot of bad press in the DC Cinematic Universe as of late. First he accidentally PMs an evil Kryptonian tyrant - a tyrant he's forced to kill - but not before he accidentally totals a whole section of Metropolis in the process.

Now Supes is going to have Batman to deal with, as the Caped Crusader is gunning for him in Batman vs Superman (check out that trailer here). And to top it all off, the world is really indifferent towards him right now. Poor, poor Superman, he just can't catch a break!

Now it seems that Waller is holding him responsible for the recent rise in supervillain activity. During dinner, one of the government officials tells Waller that rumors are spreading about some of her prisoners having "abilities." To which she responds. "Oh yeah, I've seen things. Maybe Superman was some kind of beacon for them to creep back from the shadows." She could just be referring to the events of Man of Steel. After all, that certainly got a lot of people's attention. Surely a few villains saw that mess.

But she could also be referring to whatever it is that Superman is going to do in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)! That movie is going to introduce quite a lot of people with "abilities." Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and even Lex Luthor, who is probably going to obtain his iconic super suit at some point.

And yes, I know that four out of five of those people are good guys. But Amanda can't tell the difference, nor does she care to. Any super is a bad super in her book. And all this fighting that's going to take place in BvS is sure to attract unwanted attention from even more supers! No wonder she's mad at Superman, now she has to assemble a cleaning crew!

Perhaps we'll see the Suicide Squad dealing with more than one enemy in the film? Maybe they'll be like DC's version of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, going in quietly and eliminating the many threats. I'd be up for that!

Enchantress Origin Story!

In the same scene that we hear Amanda Waller name dropping Superman, we see the Enchantress going spelunking. Cara Delevingne looks very different from how she looked when we first saw her as the magical DC villain.

In the first full cast picture, Cara looked very dreary and 'The Grudge-ish' as Enchantress, now she just looks like a regular person. That's because this scene is more than likely an origin scene for the character!

Enchantress wasn't always a mystical and magical sorceress. At first, she was just June Moon, a freelance artist with an incredibly fun name to say (try to say it five times fast). But after being invited to a costume party at an old castle, she stumbles upon a secret chamber where an unknown magical being grants her powers.

It seems the film is going to be shaking up her origin story a bit, unless she went to the costume party as a spelunker. It's likely they're dropping the whole costume party at an old castle story, since that sounds more like a Scooby Doo plot than the origin story for a DC villain.

It'll be interesting to see what DC does with the Enchantress if they aren't following her original origin story. Maybe instead of an artist, she's an explorer of sorts. Diving into caves to find cool architectural findings and artifacts.

Or maybe she's still an artist, who goes into caves to appreciate the very first pieces of art, cave drawings. We won't know for sure until the film comes out. Either way, you can bet she's going to find something in there, make the cliche film mistake of interacting with it, and then become cursed with powers that make her undoubtedly evil!

A Breakout at the Asylum?!

Throughout the trailer, there are very brief scenes of people in weird masks shooting up what seems to be a prison. But this isn't just any prison, it's totally Arkham Aslyum!

The Arkham Asylum is a "maximum security" mental hospital for some of Gotham's craziest individuals. I put quotes around those words because it gets broken out of practically on the daily! And it looks like it's happening again. The evidence is all here.

These Arkham Guards Running

These guards look an awful lot like Arkham Asylum guards. If that's true, they're probably running towards the location of the breakout.

These People in the Weird Masks

These three scenes feature people in weird masks attacking the guards of Arkham Asylum. But wait, something's off about this breakout. First off, where did the inmates gets guns? And masks for that matter? Yes, they could have stolen the guns from the Asylum guards, but unless the guards were invited to the same costume party as Enchantress, I doubt that's where they got the masks.

This could only mean one thing. The scenes above don't show a massive breakout at Arkham Asylum. This is a massive break IN!!

But why are dozens of masked men breaking in to the asylum? I think it's because there's something inside that they want. Or rather, someone.

They're Breaking The Joker out of Jail!

Here we see the Joker in a place that looks awfully similar to the place the break in is happening. The flashing lights, the conveyor belts, it's definitely the same location. We see him walking with some guy as the chaos unfolds, likely being escorted straight out of the prison.

So it's pretty clear that these guys are Joker goons who have to get their beloved boss out of the Asylum. It's possible that is the reason the Squad comes together for the first time. Amanda Waller can't have Joker running around in the streets, so she calls in 'Task Force X' to bring him back in.

It's also likely that this is a flashback or early scene. We know because of earlier set photos that Ben Affleck will be in the film briefly as Batman. He'll be seen chasing the Joker and Harley Quinn in his car, as they speed away in Joker's hot rod. This could be one of the first scenes in the movie, the one that shows us why Batman was chasing the Joker. He'll likely capture him, and Joker will be moved to a more secure location; Amanda Waller's maximum security underground prison.

Seems like a cool little scene. It introduces the Joker and Harley, and gives the fans the quick Batman cameo they were waiting for! But what if I told you, in my Morpheus voice of course, that this won't be the only Arkham Asylum scene in the film? In fact, I think there will be another one. One that focuses on the origins of yet another member of the Squad!

Will There Be Another Important Arkham Asylum Scene?

This looks to be just another scene from the Joker breakout scene. There are men there, invading the asylum and terrorizing the helpless doctors and therapists there. But look closely at the woman being slammed down onto that gurney. She looks awfully familiar doesn't she?

Blonde hair, glasses, and a white lab coat. Who does that remind you of? If you still don't know, don't worry I'm going to tell you; I just like to build up tension because it's fun. Anyway, that's Harley Quinn.

Specifically Harleen Quinzel. Harleen was a psychiatric therapist at Arkham Asylum, before she fell in love with the Joker. She quit her job and helped him break out of the mental hospital. She then took the name Harley Quinn and became his psychotic companion, and the rest is history!

It seems that her origin story will be explored, just like Enchantress. But again like Enchantress, it looks like the filmmakers will be taking a few liberties when they do it. The above scene where Harley is being slammed onto a gurney doesn't exactly make it look like she's assisting in a Joker breakout. In fact, due to her still wearing her normal clothing, it's likely she hasn't even fallen head over clown heels for him yet.

Maybe this isn't the part of her origin story where she goes nuts after all. Maybe this is just her remembering the time there was a mass attack on Arkham while she was working there.

I'd believe that, if it weren't for another scene that clearly shows her on a gurney, presumably about to be operated on by a familiar figure.

Yes, that is a frightened Harleen Quinzel strapped down to a gurney while a purple-gloved hand hovers near her. And yes, that hand DOES belong to the Joker, who looks about ready to perform unspeakable horrors on the frightened doctor. Good eye!

It looks like Harley's origin story has changed a bit. Rather than her falling in love with Joker after hearing his tragic story, it looks like she'll be tortured by him instead. The process likely causes her to go insane, and develop a sort of Stockholm Syndrome towards Joker.

This scene may even be connected to that AMAZING final scene in the trailer, where the Joker is close up to the camera, and expressing his desire to hurt someone. Really, REALLY bad! Perhaps this person he's going to hurt so much is Harleen?! I know, that's an incredibly dark accusation. But this is the Joker we're talking about, I wouldn't put it behind him at all. And given the history of the Joker and Harley, I don't doubt for a second that she'd still fall in love with him no matter how much pain he puts her through.

That's it for the all the BIG stuff that I saw in the trailer. But there're still a few more tiny things I absolutely have to mention. So it's time for a speed round!

Killer Croc in Action!

We finally see Killer Croc up close and in motion in two cool scenes in the trailer! The first time is in chains and heavily guarded. He's likely being escorted to his cell in Arkham Asylum. The second time is with the rest of the Squad. We see Croc in an awesome hoodie, baring his viscous crocodile-like teeth at the camera. Way to put on a show for the folks at home Croc!

El Diablo Using His Powers!

Looks like El Diablo will indeed still have his fiery powers from the comics! El Diablo (Spanish for "The Devil") is a villain with the power of pyrokinesis, which basically means he can set things aflame with his mind.

The above scene looks like he's just holding something that's on fire. Maybe a match or a tiny candle. But if you look closely, you'll see that he has nothing in his hands at all. Things are certainly going to get hot for whoever stands in his way!

Deadshot and His Daughter!

Yet another blink and you'll miss it origin story reference! I'm starting to think this movie will have about an hour's worth of origin story scenes. Though at least they'll be interesting ones. This scene features Deadshot a.k.a Floyd Lawton and his daughter, Zoe.

In the comics, Floyd discovers he has a daughter, and decides to stay with her in Star City and clean up crime in the streets around her home. Eventually, he realizes he's not a family man, and asks the Green Arrow to patrol her neighborhood more often.

Green Arrow won't be in the film, but it looks like Zoe will. Likely she'll stay with her mother or another relative when Lawton inevitably leaves to join the Squad. Or go to jail. Or both.

Did Katana Just...Stab Herself?!

The trailer may have just spoiled a super big plot point! In the scene above, it looks like Katana, a member of the Squad, is stabbing herself with her own sword! Why? I have no idea.

In Japanese history, samurai have been known to perform an act of ritual suicide called Harakiri. It's considered an honorable alternative to disgrace or execution. And we know that in Suicide Squad, the villains wear neck collars that explode if you fail a mission or refuse an order.

It's really dark to think about, but maybe Katana failed Amanda Waller, and this is her way of going out on her terms. I knew the movie was going to be dark and depressing, but jeez DC!

Well, that's it for this long trailer breakdown! What was your favorite part of the trailer? Did you see anything in the trailer that I missed? If so, don't hesitate to write your own trailer breakdown and speculation!

Thanks for Reading!

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