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(this was a one-shot i wrote years ago)

"Happy Valentine's day!" i announce with my arms out wide. I open my eyes back up, and my arms droop back down as i just see Tony at the kitchen table.

"where is everyone?" i ask as i go over to the table by him.

"Like you said....Valentines day. Thor and Jane. Clint and Natasha. All on there own little date nights out. He replied plainly as he kept on messing with his eye pad.

"What about you?" i ask.

He lifts his eyepad up. "Planning a party for this 'love' day," he smiles.

I roll my eyes slightly. "of course." i pause for a second before giving a sigh. "What about Loki? where is he?"

"Loki....who....?" Tony said totally distracted on his device.

"Loki? my boyfriend!" i frown slightly.



"What? oh," Tony looks up. "um...he wasn't specific but he said he needed to get a few things."

"What kinda things? did he say?" my eye brow raises.

"Nope," he popped his P. "But don't worry about it, i'm sure he'll be back soon," he smiled. "now, wanna help me plan for this sick party?" he smiled, showing his teeth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i didn't see Loki, but around dinner time, guests started to arrive at Tony's party for Valentines day, i was sure he HAD to show up. I sat closest to the door, watching each guest arrive, hoping that one of them would be my.....late lover.

Steve, Clint and Nat, Thor and Jane, someone that i didn't know, Bruce, and even Coulson came. By now it was around 7:00, and night fall had come. I hadn't even eaten dinner. 'well I've waited long enough' i sighed as i went to find something to do at this party, to get my mind off it.

Suddenly, i hear a slight cough from behind me and turned see the dashing siler-tongue Loki, in a full Tuxedo, his eyes sparkling, and a nice yet apologetic smirk on his face. I felt Joy, but anger started to replace it.

"How could yo-!"

"Please (name)! let me explain!," he cringed slightly as he hurried over to me and grabbed my hand before i could say another word. I sigh as i see the familiar green smoke surround us, knowing that we were teleporting.

I widen my eyes as we reappeared on a grassy hill, over looking the city of New York. With one tree looming over us, i looked behind us, and under it was a simple blanket, with three candles attached to two separate ones, silver Ipod and a .....turkey? but it was beautiful! the whole time i stared, my mouth remained open.

Loki turned towards me. "you see, i had to stop at several places, but theirs weren't perfect enough so i went to Asguard quickly to borrow a few things, and i wanted to do it under a full moon because i read that, that was also romantic and the Turkey took longer to cook than i thought and-"

I stop him with tears threatening to fall. I practically jump into his arms and crash my lips to his passionately.

Once we broke apart i looked into his eyes. "Loki...this....this is so beautiful for words," i almost whisper.

He smirked, "come on," he took me by the hand and lead me over.

Over all, i think he got Holidays mixed up with the turkey, but being from Asguard who could blame him. It was delicious! and my....stolen Ipod, it had all my favorite songs of course! the candles we blew out, laying on the blanket, and watched the moon rise. "Happy Valentines day (Name)," he leaned his head over and whispered. i looked at him back and whispered. "Happy Valentines day," with a smile.


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