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So the Suicide Squad trailer was just released online in all its 1080p glory! A lot of people have been waiting for this and are probably freaking out as much as I am.

There have been rumors about whats going on in the trailer (back when it was just a crummy bootleg) and now that we have HD we can answer those questions.

Now, the big one that will be the main focus of this post is:

Who is joker torturing in the trailer?!

Almost everyone has been saying "It's Jason Todd! Its referring to a death in the family comic". Most of this speculation has been because of the shot of robin's suit in the Batman vs Superman Trailer.

Which that would be awesome, but I am sad to say, it is false. WAIT DON'T START CRYING YET!! Who he is really torturing is just as good...

She is blonde, hot, and is a shrink... you guessed it!


Don't believe it's from the same scene at the end? Well, you're wrong again!

As you can see, the person laying on the table has black glasses and a white shirt, just like Harleen Quinzel in the last photo. (For those of you who don't know, Harleen Quinzel is Harley Quinn)

This leads us to believe that Harley Quinn Is getting a origin story! So, here is my theory of whats going to happen in the film:

Harleen Quinzel Is Joker's shrink and he falls for her. But he can't date a woman who is sane, so he breaks out of prison and kidnaps her. He then takes her to this room and tortures her till she goes insane! Then, they go out and start committing crimes together. She gets caught while Joker escapes, then she becomes part of the suicide squad. As the film goes on, she talks with Deadshot, who is trying to convince her that joker set her up on purpose and he doesn't really love her. This is why we see her with her jacket saying "Property of joker" in some shots, but some without. She starts to realize what really happened then falls in love with deadshot.

So thats it... Secrets out!

Ps: Joker is also the panda that shot of the store.

You can see the suit hanging on the left side of the wall in this shot


Upon further inspection, I have found my comment about the panda suit to be false.

If you look very closely, you can see the panda wobbles just slightly, meaning somebody else is in the suit.

Now, I have seen this theory floating around and it would make more sense:

The only problem with that is

1: If you look at the top image the jacket looks like leather while the bottom looks fleece

2: The top image there is a tan blob on his chest.

Now that tan blob could be one of two things:

1: Him showing skin because we know he likes to show off his tats and nips,


2: its the batman mask hanging down his neck.

Side note about that theory, if it is true, it will be very similar to a mixture between this:

And this:

That is all!

And if you still don't believe me, you can always watch it here!


Who do you think Joker is not killing, but hurting really really badly?


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