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Adrian H. McDonald
ot $6 billion. The latter is the alleged economic impact number and it's a fantasy. The film office team are not economists and the multiplier they use isn't for the industry or even the state of Georgia for that matter. $1.7 billion is still impressive though, but about $26 billion shy of what California does each year. Pinewood isn't the studio behind any of the films you mentioned, it just is where some of them filmed. None of the Hobbit movies filmed at Pinewood. Also, Pinewood Georgia is the second Pinewood studio in North America. Pinewood Toronto was the first and is still bigger in terms of stages. Atlanta Media Campus isn't going to be the biggest....that's Moon River Studios boasting that claim (as your link shows). Even if they build out their entire master plan, the site looks to have less than 15 sound stages. More of the space is dedicated to retail stores and shopping than actual production. As for the industry relocating in 10 years? Louisiana said the same thing 10 years ago. After spending over $1.5 billion to subsidize Hollywood in that time, not a single one of the content producing studios moved there. And now the state is broke and their program is capped. Some see it as a cautionary tale for Georgia.

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