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This isn't a list of horror movie soundtracks. No, the point of this list is simply to organize a group of songs that make me gleefully think evil thoughts every time I hear them. Similar to the fun of watching a horror flick, these songs each create dark narratives of revenge, the supernatural, sociopathy, exploitation or a combination of such in fun, often "poppy" songs your mother could enjoy. Like Goethe's gothic aesthetic, this list is full of murderous thoughts and danceable beats. Enjoy the music (links in the song titles) and then, please, share a list of your own!

5. Greenskeepers-"Lotion"

This song, more than any other on the list, typifies exactly the above definition of what I'm looking for here. It's a fun song that makes you want to click your fingers and tap your heels until you realize they're quoting Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. It's the sort of song that really makes you question your humanity, simply because the horrible images it puts in your head are not enough to make you ever want to turn it off!

4. Rob Zombie-"Dragula"

I'm not sure what this song is about, and I don't want to know. I embrace it as I know it, as it's existed in my head for the two decades or so since it came out: as a soundtrack for DC comic's "Main Man" Lobo riding through the cosmos on his spaceship/hog, violently tearing through all flesh in his path. That's right: I put this song on when I want to imagine a Rated R Lobo movie. Why haven't you made this movie yet, Rob Zombie?

3. Placebo-"Infrared"

This song is just plain weird. Again, I haven't searched to see if the band explained what it's about, because, quite frankly, I don't want to know. It's a decent indie-pop song that has everything it needs to be a radio hit for a hot minute, but then you listen to the lyrics. What's going on here? Someone is coming for revenge, and they're relaxed about it, like there's no way their prey can escape...but what is this "someone"? A ghost? A transdimensional traveler? The song hints at an awesome sci-fi/horror/revenge plot that plays out in my head a different way ever time I hear it.

2. The Toadies-"Possum Kingdom"

What one's ever going to pretend they don't know what this song's about. It's dark and dirty. We all know what's waiting behind the boathouse and there's a reason it's forever. What a great, disturbing song!

1. Nina Simone-"Pirate Jenny"

What's that? You've never heard this song? Stop reading, go listen to it. And then try to tell me you're not filled with soul-freeing murderous rage.

Now, please, share a music geek list of your own, we want to see it!

Jamie A. Duncan is author of the forthcoming fantasy series Fire of Norea.


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