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Wayne Winquist
...ely aren't paying any attention to these boards to care) or the rest of the readers on MP, no one ever said you had to be nice online. (Most non-geeks and some geeks prefer it, but I'll admit I kinda deserve it after misspelling Slimer and Stay Puft. Damn keyboard...) Considering it will be my dollars (or lack thereof,) along with the dollars of every other fan of the original films, determining this remake's success, I believe I have as much right as any other fan to voice my opinion. Without our money going into Sony (who owns said rights under which Feig is operating under), this remake likely wouldn't happen. It's easy to tell people to "STFU" and throw childish insults (how childish? I WAS CALLED "STAY PUFT" AND MARSHMELLOW MAN" back when I was in GRADE SCHOOL, BACK WHEN THE ORIGINAL FILM CAME OUT!), and trust me, I find most complaints of remakes to be childish as well - but there's a big reason behind the complaints, and a big thing to remember about these remakes: The fan's voices matter, regardless of which forum we voice it on.

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