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This was a no brainer! With the fake out at Comic-Con a couple days ago, it was shown how many people still love and want a new series after reading some angry posts on Facebook. Heck, I still want one even knowing they all have aged a bit! The show was such a success with fans that they even made comics for some of the more mysterious parts of the show! Enough of this jibber jabber, and let's get down to which movies I would love to watch if they made them!

1. Shepherd: A Man of God

Great Movie Poster!
Great Movie Poster!

This is probably up on top of everyone's list! I want to see the man Shepherd Derrial Book was before the show, and where he has been. To see what kind of jobs he was doing for the alliance, or if he was forced to work for them from the beginning. Because he hides his past form everyone, he probably has a dark side and regrets many decisions he might have made in the past. The comic, The Shepard's Tale, helped to shed some light on the subject, but I would love to see it as a movie. The script is right there people!!

2. River: Simon's Sacrifice

2 by 2, hands of Blue! ...scary still
2 by 2, hands of Blue! ...scary still

I would love to see how much Simon goes through to save his sister River. This movie would encompass Simon's whole ordeal of receiving the coded letters from River, to Simon giving up everything to make deals with a group going to smuggle River out. I think it would be necessary to cut in and out on what River was doing as well. Like what the blue handed people would do to the students and what kind of training she went through. This could easily be a good family movie and a good one to have a brother/sister bond over.

3. Browncoats: For Free Skies


If you like war movies like I do, I feel like a movie following Mal and Zoe through the war of Independence from the Alliance would be awesome! The movie could start before the war and show how Zoe and Mal met up for the first time. Maybe they hated each other at first? What made them become so close where they wanted to run a ship together? This movie could answer all of those questions and learn a little more history about the Browncoats!

If you are a Firefly fan you probably thought about these topics already, or may have made your own script for your own movie that you would love to see! This world is yearning to be discovered and delved into, and only the fans can create the history!

So join in and comment that we want a FIREFLY MOVIE! (right meow!)


Which Movie would you watch?


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