ByRichard Schertzer, writer at

As we all are aware, Andrew Garfield is no longer the web-slinging hero. Tom Holland has taken up the mantle of the proud and selfless Spider, and will be apart of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, but with this new Spider-man series coming out, that just raises more questions. Will they stick to the same premise of Peter's parents leaving him with his Aunt and Uncle? Who will Parker's allies be? Will his love interest be Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson? And most important of all, who will play the villain(s) in the new movie?

The first five Spider-man films showcased some thrilling villains for the web-head, such as the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, Sandman, the lizard, Electro, and (briefly) Rhino.

It would be kind of redundant to have the Green Goblin as the villain for the third time, since we have already seen Willem Dafoe and Dane DeHaan's portrayal as the character and I think we can all agree that nobody else could have played Doctor Octopus like Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx was absolutely dynamite as Electro in "The Amazing Spider-man 2".

It would be nice if they showcased a villain that seems very underrated in the Spider-man Universe. Perhaps, the Hobgoblin could make an appearance. Or, if it involves Gwen Stacy, the Jackal could scurry his way across the silver screen.

Hopefully, the director will do the right thing and add a new villain to the Spidey mix and I can't wait for it to come out in 2017.


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