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But at the very end. Gypsy is the last bot standing, actually, put on his ass, on the rocky, cold dark beach. With more Kaiju closing in. Then there is a distant trembling roar, that comeing with thunder! The boys in the radar room tell Charli there is another signature, category 6, headed your way, but Its not a kaiju? Then all you see is three or four kaikus rally to the track. While Charlie looks on, exauseded not knowing what to think. With in a few seconds about two to three miles out, in the late night fog, you see it.... A billion volts light up Godzillas 50 stoey back, followed by few seconds of blinding hell fire... It goes, silant, Charlie still looking on, holding his breath at full attention. The hears the boom of the footsteps, as he sees water being displaces and the chared remains of one of the fallen washup . Then he sees a massive siluette, Charlie's eyes pop as he takes in a deep breath, but he holds his tough guy composure and accepts whatever comes next. Then Godzilla lets out one final rour (sumoning the remaining kaiju for battle).. Curtan!

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