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I know who Amy Schumer is and also know her humor may not be for everyone. With that said, I don’t watch her show on Comedy Central so trust me when I tell you I had no idea what she was capable of. But I sure as hell do now. Trainwreck gives her all of the anecdotes that’s necessary to create something that while nastily bitter, stays honest and funny. Get through the mean-spirited nature and you will find a heart of gold. The script in which she wrote and the stunning performance she gives, whether you like her jokes or not, there’s no way you will not take notice and embrace Schumer for what she has accomplished in this film.

Trainwreck is a first for director Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, This Is 40). There’s no Seth Rogen or Paul Rudd in sight. He is letting a female tell the story and guess what? She can be a lovable asshole too. The role reversal is undeniably vitalizing for the story. Schumer plays Amy, a woman who is taught at a very early age by her father (terrifically offensive Colin Quinn) that monogamy does not exist. She works for a sleazy magazine and since she despises sports, her editor (an unrecognizable and bitchy Tilda Swinton) chooses her to interview Aaron Connors (Bill Hader), a shining sports doctor who just happens to be best buds with LeBron James. Unexpectedly, sparks fly between the two, and they are going out more than once and staying over at each other’s places. Amy’s worst nightmare is becoming a reality. It’s called a relationship.

Brie Larson plays Amy’s sister who is living the “perfect” life. She’s married with kids and seems to have her shit together. These are things that Amy is unfamiliar with so she makes snarky comments, but you can sense a small scent of jealousy with every cutting word. Hader plays Aaron almost like a saint. His love and patience could win anyone over. He seems too good to be true which terrifies Amy. She cannot accept that she quite possibly found a good guy. In a drunken, twisted kind of way, she is going to have to face her fears.

While the spotlight is undoubtedly on Schumer, it’s the athletes in the movie that almost steal it away. Amar’e Stoudemire is a charming guy who actually plays a significant part involving surgery on his knee in order to make a grand return to the court. WWE superstar John Cena plays one of Amy’s lovers (can’t really call him a boyfriend) whose one ridiculous sex scene and many outbursts will shock and awe. And James plays a very heightened version of himself. An overly sensitive, needy basketball player who tries to save a buck wherever he goes. I know it feels like these dudes have no right being in a movie, but you will be surprised and impressed with how much they bring to the table.

What Bridesmaids did for Melissa McCarthy, Trainwreck will do for Schumer. In all of her glory, she never looks back and fully commits to her character. She is a beautiful disaster with a unique voice that flourishes in a film about growing up and willing to take a risk at getting your heart broken. This is one of Apatow’s very best with a hilariously raunchy leading lady. They make a perfect fit.

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