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This is my entry for the, 'Create your own cinematic universe' contest entry. It is a concept of a trilogy film adaptation of the video game, Mirror's Edge.

First Movie, "Mirror's Edge: Faith" -

I love this video game series and Faith has always majorly interested me. I'd love to see her origins and it could be a great way to kick off the cinematic series. She would also unknowingly begin working with a group of people who are actually a government operation and it would cause her issues because she hates the government.Maybe her starting out weak and fragile and building herself up similar to a modern Rocky series with a female lead. It could be masterfully artful in the way cinematography is done, and with a certain amount of slow motion that doesn't overwhelm the viewer or interrupt the badass action that is bound to happen. This could be the start of one hell of a trilogy. Let's see the second film, shall we?

Second Movie, "Mirror's Edge: Revival" -

After the build up of such a kick ass warrior like Faith you need a downfall. Perhaps similar to the game the directors could set up the first movie in a way that can show the team she's been working with and then in the second movie it shows them betray her showing her that they are a government operation, sending her back to the bottom of the totem pole and making her start her own path to success (noting the title, 'Revival' + the picture). In this path to success she begins recruiting new characters in a crusade of redemption to get back at those who wronged her. In this sense she basically becomes the female Robin Hood, taking from the bad guys (her old team) to help the good guys (her new team). This would reveal a side of Faith that you wouldn't see in the first movie, it would paint her as a leader. This movie would build up to her taking down the bad guys but realizing in her path of revival it would end up hurting innocents along the way, so she steps down as the leader. Now for the third movie!

Third Movie, "Mirror's Edge: Redemption" -

After stepping down as leader she decides to do some good as a runner for the people, doing menial delivery tasks. In doing these tasks she becomes very protective of the neighborhood of people who have had problem with overbearing government officials trying to squeeze money out of businesses in exchange for not hurting them. Faith notices the unjust reality of all this and takes matters into her own hands becoming a vigilante for the people. The climax of the movie would be Faith finding the governement official discovering he is actually her father (in a very star wars like manner). She decides to go after him and does so by going floor to floor in his building kicking government agents asses and taking their fancy-pants names. She reaches the top floor where her father is and against her own interests kills him for the people. She is then revered as a hero throughout the people and retires after finally tasting blood. She then leads a life of recluse and carries out her days alone. A very sad for her, but happy for the people ending. A true heroes ending.

That is the Mirror's Edge trilogy!

Tell me what you think!


What's your favorite plot line from the trilogy?


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