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We all know Superman destroyed Wayne Financial building in MOS and killed a lot of people.

Bruce Wayne was there, watching the event and ran towards the collapsing building smoke and ash to save a little girl. Yeah total badass as Batman has to be.

What we don't know is that Bruce Wayne was talking to his insurance agent and he got the news that his building wasn't insured, a missed signed paper or something and it was in that building! Bummer, it's now gone, thanks sups! Besides, the insurance didn't cover alien attacks, suck on that Brucey!

After that, Bruce goes bankrupt, I know what you're thinking, he can't go bankrupt, but if Donald Trump can ask for bankruptcy protection and 50 cents and a lot of multi billionaires, why can't Bruce?

We can confirm this because the Wayne mansion is in ruins and Bruce has to wear an old ass Batman suit, he doesn't have money for a new one!

Batman had to call Tony Stark and ask for an Iron Batman suit to help him protect his poor bones from an alien attack, since you know, the Battle in New York and what not.

Wonder woman is there to flirt with Bruce and give him blue balls, imagine that! No money and a hot amazonian girl giving you blue balls!

No wonder he is pissed and looks like he's constipated! He's pissed, totally pissed about that and goes after the one that knocks, err the one that comes from krypton.

As we all know ,there is the rumor that Aquaman will appear at the end of the movie and it wasn't showcased in the trailer, BUT, hear me out.

Aquaman managed to take kryptonite from the terraforming machines that Zod was using in MOS.

All of this after they got destroyed and fell over a little whale that sang "Under the sea" with Sebastian and the little mermaid, this infuriated Aquaman and decided to have revenge on whoever did it!

All of this while Lex Luthor shares his wig collection with Donald Trump and tries to impress us with a creepy yet childish voice at the end of the trailer.

That's the real reason.

Disclaimer: This is total bullshit in my part, if you enjoy it, share it. If you don't, share it!

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