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Since Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest grossing franchise and DC is building theres, but I would like to see a live action CN Cinematic Universe. I know most live action films based on cartoons are terribly received, but if they can do it right it, then it won't be a big of a problem. I grew up watching most shows on CN and a cinematic universe is not the greatest idea, but if we get the right directors, script and taking certain things from the tv show that was and making it to a live action movie to the fans of the shows for which it's aimed for and film goers. But this will most likely won't happen. Maybe.

Phase 1

Dexter's Laboratory Directed by James Gunn

Dexter's Lab IMO is a great introduction to start the Cinematic Universe and I believe that director Gunn is a fantastic choice direct the CN's boy genius. The plot can take elements from the first two seasons, the tone will be a mix between comdey dark sci-fi can borrow the humor from Guardians of the galaxy. The cast is one i have to think, but I can see Dakota Fanning pulling off Dee-Dee. Dexter once again will start the franchise off with a good start and hopefully it can lead on to other films.

Courage The Cowardly Dog Directed by David Cronenberg or Tim Burton

Now of course Courage is known for it's dark humor tone and scary imagery and I think Burton and Cronenberg can pull it off. personally I think Courage can be played by Andy Serkis in Motion Capture and it will have an pay homage to low budget 80's horror films. It will also have comedy from both characters Courage and Ustes. Stupid Dog you make me look bad.

Ed Edd N Eddy Directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord

Ed Edd N Eddy was my favorite show on CN and I think the directors of 21 Jump Street can make a good comedy out of the Eds. With its hilarious humor great characters this can be a decent concept on getting the eds to the big screen.

Billy and Mandy Directed By Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright

The reason I pick two directors because both can make an interesting adaptation of Billy and Mandy. With Raimi's over the top humor and Wrights parodying the genre it's trying to be. It also can poke fun of Horror Comedy's and even Spoof films, Grim will most likely be Motion Capture.

KND Directed by Brad Bird

Bird is on here because I would like to see a KND film with a great story that is true to the show but also poking fun at spy films. The kids will be unknown so nobody on nick or Disney channel.

The Powerpuff Girls Directed by Joss Whedon or Brad Bird

People always want to see a live action PPG and Bird and Whedon are the right mans to put the three perfect little girls on the big screen. But it won't be 100% like the cartoon, don't get me wrong it's not going to be unfaithful to the tv show it will take elements from other superhero films and combine them with the series and there you go.


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