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Although these characters literally live worlds apart, both Gotham City and Kings Landing have provided the perfect imperfect backdrops for two of the baddest characters that evil doers should do their best to stay away from. Here are 3 reasons why Game of Thrones' Arya Stark is the young Bruce Wayne of the game.

1) Tough times often make tougher people.

Both Arya and Bruce have gone through the traumatic life experience of witnessing their parents slaughtered by evil at a very young age. This supplies them with the need for vengeance, and the vengeance they've declared provides them with the drive and stomach to dig deep and deliver. So much so that these characters are at times borderline villains.

2) Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M get my vengeance dollar dollar bill y'all.

Arya, daughter of Ned & Catharine Stark, comes from a noble family that was in charge of Winterfell, which provided her with a lot of resources others couldn't easily obtain like the assistance of the dance instructor who first taught her how to fight and use a sword. Fancy sword lessons made possible by Ned Stark right hand to the King Robert Baratheon, later made official as King's guard. Equally noted Bruce Wayne's father Thomas Wayne was a respected doctor, oh yea and a billionaire! Also putting together resources the dark knight would later use. Maintenance on the bat mobile can be crazy.

3) Both troubled vengeance seeking children have studied abroad.

Arya has first displayed her skill with the bow and arrow showing up her brother Bran season 1 in Winterfell, then later as mention learned how to dance her way into our hearts and learned how to thrust needle into the hearts of her enemies. Lets not forget about all the street tactics the hound put her on to, on their little road trip through Westeros. and finally as we've last seen her in season 5 training in Braavos under the tutelage of the faceless men. Bruce Wayne on the other hand no matter which comic series, cartoon show, or box office smash you fallow has him traveling the globe acquiring all types skills, wether its martial arts in japan, tactical driving in Brazil, learning to ignore pain through mediation in India, or climbing a mountain to be trained by the league of shadows Bruce Wayne has been there and has mastered it.

We all know the legend young Bruce Wayne grows up to become, but what will a young girl with a similar childhood and drive provide a world away? Will she even live through the next season to prove her potential?

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