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It's been three years since Wreck-It Ralph and although it was a massive success for Disney, it got overshadowed by it's Disney Animation Studios follow-up, Frozen. However, most still figured we would get a sequel at some point and there is now confirmation that John C. Reilly will return to voice Ralph in sequel Wreck-it Ralph 2.

This is great news on so many levels! Not only does it confirm that John C. Reilly will return, it also confirms that we are getting another Wreck-It Ralph movie. We need to be realistic about this, though. Just because a sequel is happening doesn't mean it will be anytime soon. Zootopia and Moana are set for release later in 2016 and there is still a semi-announced Frozen sequel in the works. There are also some rumors that a sequel to Big Hero 6 is in the developmental stages, too.

But let's focus on the positive here. We are getting more Wreck-It Ralph at some point!


Are you excited for more Wreck-It Ralph?


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