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This article is going to contain my ideas for levels in the upcoming [Lego](tag:2405255) Avengers Video Game. This is assuming every [Marvel Cinematic Universe](tag:1096390) film is in it, although that is not confirmed. There will be three levels for each film.

Iron Man Level 1: The Origin of Iron Man

In this level, you are introduced to Tony Stark. It is a cutscene until the scene where he is in the cave. You help him escape with Yinsin After escaping in the Mark 1 armor, you are in a cutscene. It shows you being picked up by Rhodey and heading home. It shows Tony creating Mark 2 and returns to gameplay. You are tasked with a flight challenge. Like in the film, you must fly above New York. There are rings, which eventually lead you to the top of the sky. It changes to a cutscene where Tony begins to fall until he eventually starts the armor back up and he heads home. This ends the level. The characters unlocked are Tony Stark (Billionare), Yinsin, Iron Man (Mark 1), Rhodey, and Iron Man (Mark 2).

Iron Man Level 2: A Helping Hand

The level begins with Tony talking to Pepper. You are introduced to Obadiah who shows...


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