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Like most, I know about Batman, Superman, Iron Man and others, I’m not oblivious to the whole Superhero Universe, but it stops there. I know names of the superheroes and maybe the names of the actors who portray them. I don’t know back stories; I don’t necessarily remember story lines, I just know the superficial stuff. For example, I’ve seen the first Avengers, and all the Avengers individual movies but I have no idea on what they’re actually about. Except Iron Man and Captain America, I think I can re-tell the story of those guys. My ignorance aside, I still love Superhero’s. I love the idea of them, I love how little boys and girls look up to them and play dress up, and they’re not bad to look at either.

Being a superhero virgin, I’m consistently asking my younger hipper co-worker Daniel who’s who and are they DC or Marvel. It’s confusing right?! There are so many of them it’s hard to keep them in order. There’s also this DC vs Marvel fight that I had no idea about. Thank you internets!

After watching the Batman Vs Superman trailer today, I knew I liked it, I knew it was an awesome trailer, and I knew I’d spend twelve dollars to see it, but I was confused because I had no idea on what was happening. Why is Batman looking like Iron Man? Why is Lex Luthor so young I though he was old? It brought up so many questions; questions I assume can only be answered by watching the movies leading up to this new one. Problem is haven’t seen a Superman film since Superman Returns and I don’t remember it I remember I didn't particularly care for it. The last Batman film I saw was The Dark Knight and film gods forgive me because I LOVE Christopher Nolan, but it bummed me out. It was so dark. I know Batman’s life hasn’t been easy, but the Batman I remember had a touch of humor and was a light family film. The new Batman needs a LOT of hugs and a therapist. Same goes for Superman, they seem to be a tad bit sadder then I remember. Maybe they’ve always been sad characters? I don’t know, I literally don’t remember. I think I have a superhero mental block. That's a thing right?

Whatever it is that I have, its brought me to this conclusion; I’m going to immerse myself in Superhero’s. I’m going to make myself understand what the hell is going on. I will re-watch every Batman film even Batman & Robin. I will even watch Batman Begins with self-proclaimed “actor” Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. I will go to my comic book loving friends and admit my ignorance and have them point me in the right direction of which comics to read. I will know what the hell I’m talking about instead of chiming in with “Captain America is so hot!” I will finally know what Thor’s deal is and why he hates his brother. I will also attempt to stop objectifying male superheroes.

Okay, now I will stop objectifying male superheros.

I will become a walking superhero encyclopedia. Okay, maybe I won’t go that far, but I do plan on ending this experiment with firm knowledge of whatever it is I’m watching.

Okay, one more objectification. Superman is looking good, he'd win this fight if it was based on looks alone.

I’m open to your suggestions, films I should watch, comics to read, whatever you have to help me understand I’ll take it! Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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