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Sydney Elizabeth Robertson

Fans that gathered in 'Hall H' of the 2015 SDCC Supernatural panel had more up their sleeves than ever thought!

Earlier this year Jared came out to the public as Clinically Depressed and instead of using this as an excuse he's using his own illness to inspire the millions of loyal fans that are also going through this same mental disorder. And having myself gone through Clinical depression it warms my heart to see someone is finally making this illness more aware to the public eye other than in 9th grade health class.

As fans were entering 'Hall H' for the Supernatural panel they were given a candle by a fellow Fan who had come up with the idea and a card that had touching and specific instructions as to when to light them. On the card it stated that everyone in 'Hall H' was to turn on and raise their candles at the begin of the Q&A.

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"I didn't know at first what it was," Jared told Access Hollywood on Sunday after the panel. "I had no idea. … I was like, 'What's going on here?' At first, I thought people were holding their iPhones up and like recording. And then, as I looked… I was like, 'Wait, these are lights.' And then, someone dropped off a light, with the note and explaining what it was."

It is truly amazing to see what fandoms do for eachother as well as the people who make our fandoms possible!



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