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The [Batman: Arkham Series](tag:2586475) from Rocksteady is a revolutionary group of games that have completely changed how we view superhero games as a whole.

Previously all games relating to the spider bitten, alien or gamma ray infused super heroes brought tears to our eyes and were for the most part forgettable and only aimed for a quick buck and coincided with a movie of the same name.

When I first got my hold on Arkham Asylum I knew that they had something special and would continue to make games that both comic book nerds as well as casual gamers would love.

I personally love ALL of the Arkham games including Origins, anyway it had tons of criticism which I think was mostly related to the fact that it was made by a different company and the very buggy multiplayer.

Now first off I want to say I really enjoy [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) and it is probably my second favorite Batman game, but I did have some problems with it that I think should be mentioned. I think that including the batmobile in this game was a great one, however, the execution of it could have been so much better. I wanted a car instead I got a tank that was hard to control and was slower than the other military vehicles that you fight against. I enjoy having it drive up and having batman jump in, to me that is the true highlight of the batmobile.

Repetitive game play is fairly evident in this game, I know everyone wants a game that lasts them for a while but putting dozens of drones and watchtower missions to try make you feel it's worth the price tag wasn't there best idea. This game has 200+ riddler trophies which is a lot but kills time without feeling repetitive, but they also added some very redundant missions that may kill time but also feel like it might kill the player with boredom.

(Spoiler warning!!!) One of my biggest problems with this game is the identity of the Arkham knight, during interviews they had said that this was an original character concept which had me completely enthused to unmask this villain. When they first announced the "red hood" DLC I was hoping that the Arkham knight was not in fact Jason Todd and had hopes that the creators could actually be creative enough to either make a different character like they had said or at least somebody that would surprise you when the time had come to release the anticipated identity. I feel that it would have actually been better to never know the identity than for him to be Jason Todd I was actually really hoping it was Talia and that she somehow had escaped death in Arkham city but that was not the case.

The so called ending of this game bothered me more than you can imagine, I'm fine with people knowing who the batman is I thought that was an interesting idea but why did they try and make the ending so mysterious? It let's you know that there will always be a Batman out there to fight crime, I just want to know who that Batman is but maybe that's the point. The ending just felt rushed to me, I would've been happier if they just explained it a little more.

The final thing that irked me was that between Asylum to city, they didn't want to take away the gadgets from one to the other but this didn't hold true in knight. There was an almost complete lack of original gadgets in this game, they really just tried to focus on the batmobile but for me personally I was only driving it maybe 10% of the game so not having new fun toys to play with was really evident.

This was truly a fun game and although based off what your reading you may have hesitation wanting to play it if you haven't already but I suggest you still play it as it truly is worth it. The only reason I even complain about the things I did was due to my extremely high hopes of the so called finale of the series. Hopefully this is not the case as this Batman fan would truly love to go back to Arkham. Thank you for reading, tell me what you think of the game whether your agree or not with what I said or if you have any questions regarding the game.


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