ByKalifa Ehkko, writer at
that's exactly it though isn't it? the Kardashians are the perfect example of pure vapid materialism in this world. that's what gets most people pissed off. they are very aware of their power and their celebrity status, they have black men, who have known prejudice and racism, in their family , the live in the US where there are people being shot and killed every day, dying of treatable diseases and just straight up hating each other for no reason among a million other horrible things. and they wanna bring peoples attention to lips and boobs and hair.. and they actually spend the majority of their time and energy on this bullshit. they act like their world is just about a hair cut, at least in that moment, until its on to the next useless materialist propaganda. for me, personally, its the fact that they do know whats going on in the world around them(how could they really be that ignorant?), but they choose to stay in the parody's of humanity that have been drawn up for them. its always shallow drama and tabloid gossip and plastic surgery and sex tapes with them. i'm not saying its their job to save the world, but they could say something about relevant topics based on whats going on in the United States every day

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