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Jurassic World is the newest addition to the Jurassic Park franchise (4th movie). To be honest, I have not seen any of the previous installments of the Jurassic Park franchise because I was never interested in dinosaurs (not even as a kid). I went and saw this movie primarily because I thought it looked more like a modern action movie and less of a dinosaur movie. That was certainly a wrong assumption on my behalf because it is wholeheartedly a dinosaur flick. I still had fun with it but not as much as I had hoped.

The action is absolutely my favorite part of this movie. It’s not that kind of exhilarating and intense action that one would find in Kingman: The Secret Service; rather, it is fun, dumb action that one would just enjoy while munching on some buttery popcorn. I found the action very entertaining especially in the second act. There isn’t much action in the first act and I had some problems with the third act. The third act mostly focuses on the dinosaurs and there is a lot of action with just the dinosaurs. No big spoilers but at the end there is literally a dinosaur fist fight between these two huge dinosaurs. It was even choreographed like a human fist fight so it looked really odd when dinosaurs were doing it. I disliked the third act because it focused a lot on the dinosaurs combat and seeing that I’m not interested in dinosaurs, that got almost boring for me. The second act had some awesome action though which I enjoyed immensely.

The story/plot in Jurassic World is decent. For the most part, it’s easy to understand and there aren’t too many plot holes. Yet some of the plot points are a little muggy and not fleshed out well enough. The pacing in this movie was absolutely fine and character development was generally good as well. Speaking of characters, these characters were so darn cliched that it was laughable. Bryce Dallas Howard played the usual uptight business woman, Chris Pratt played the scruffy, stubborn adventure type guy, and Vincent D’Onofrio played the stupid military dude who wants to use everything as a weapon (like dinosaurs). All these characters were extremely cliched which was kind of off-putting to me. Also, probably the biggest issue this film has is the dialogue. Holy moly it is cheesy! Almost every other spoken line is a one-liner cheese-fest! The cheesy-ness is cringeworthy that’s how bad it is. The writers could have tried a little harder right?

Finally, the acting in this movie is really good given the amount of cheesy dialogue and everyones characters being cliched. Chris Pratt is one fine actor and he did well in his role. Bryce Dallas Howard was good in her role especially at the end. The rest of the cast was just as good and really surprised me.

In the end, Jurassic World had fun action and great acting. On the downside, it had a relatively weak story/plot, unbelievably cliched characters, and laughably bad dialogue. I had a ton of fun with this movie but many things could have been improved. Like I said before, I’m not much of a dinosaur fan but I still gave this movie a chance thinking it was not heavily oriented towards dinosaurs. I was wrong which slightly disappointed me, but I still had immense fun with Jurassic World.


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