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With today's filmmaking market growth its very common that movies produced in one country will eventually be exported to the rest of the world. However, not everyone understands the same language, thus movies are translated to the native language of the country that will receive the foreign film. I'm Brazilian, and even though translating english titled movies to portuguese (yes, in Brazil we speak portuguese) is not difficult, but lots of titles will not be appealing to our audience here because of the different meaning and context of the translations. So our translators try their best to create a good movie title, but some of them creates really bad titles, that simply distorts the movie itself. Check out some examples!

1- The Hangover

Original U.S Title: The Hangover

Translated Title: Se Beber não Case. (If you drink, don't marry)

2- The Sound of Music

Original U.S Title: The Sound of Music

Translated Title: A Noviça Rebelde. (The Rebel Novice)

3- Memento

Original U.S Title: Memento

Translated Title: Amnésia (Amnesia)

4- Nowhere Boy

Original U.S Title: Nowhere Boy

Translated Title: O Garoto de Liverpool (Liverpool Boy)

5- Fear Dot Com

Original U.S Title: Fear Dot Com

Translated Title: Medo Ponto Com Br (Fear Dot Com Br)

Explanation: Brazilian websites require, that's the reason of this translation

6- Lost in Translation

Original U.S Title: Lost in Translation

Translated Title: Encontros e Desencontros (Meetings and Mismatches)

7- Annie Hall

Original U.S Title: Annie Hall

Translated Title: Noivo Neurótico, Noiva Nervosa (Neurotic Groom, Nervous Bride)

8- Rat Race

Original U.S Title: Rat Race

Translated Title: Tá Todo Mundo Louco! - Uma Corrida por Milhões (Everyone's Crazy - A Race for Millions)

9- Jack and Jill

Original U.S Title: Jack and Jill

Translated Title: Cada Um Tem a Gêmea que Merece (Each Has A Twin That Deserves)

10- We're the Millers

Original U.S Title: We're the Millers

Translated Title: Família do Bagulho (Weed family)

11- The Watch

Original U.S Title: The Watch

Translated Title: Vizinhos Imediatos de 3º Grau (Immediate Neighbours of 3rd Grade)

12- Meet the Parents

Original U.S Title: Meet the Parents

Translated Title: Entrando Numa Fria (To Be In For A Trouble)

13- Shane

Original U.S Title: Shane

Translated Title: Os Brutos Também Amam (The Brutes Also Loves)

14- The Apartment

Original U.S Title: The Apartment

Translated Title: Se Meu Apartamento Falasse (If My Apartment Could Speak)

15- The Sweetest Thing

Original U.S Title: The Sweetest Thing

Translated Title: Tudo para Ficar com Ele (Everything to Stay with Him)

16- Parenthood

Original U.S Title: Parenthood

Translated Title: O Tiro Que Não Saiu Pela Culatra (The Shot That Didn't backfire)

17- My Girl

Original U.S Title: My Girl

Translated Title: Meu Primeiro Amor (My First Love)

18- The Godfather

Original U.S Title: The Godfather

Translated Title: O Poderoso Chefão (The Powerful Boss)

19- Airplane!

Original U.S Title: Airplane!

Translated Title: Apertem os Cintos... O Piloto Sumiu (Fasten Your Belts...The Pilot has disappeared)

20- Enemy at the Gates

Original U.S Title: Enemy at the Gates

Translated Title: Círculo de Fogo (Circle of fire)

21- The Cable Guy

Original U.S Title: The Cable Guy

Translated Title: O Pentelho (The Twat)

22- Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Original U.S Title: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Translated Title: Curtindo a Vida Adoidado (Enjoying life like crazy)

23- Identity Thief

Original U.S Title: Identity Thief

Translated Title: Uma Ladra sem Limites (A Boundless Thief)

24- 2 Guns

Original U.S Title: 2 Guns

Translated Title: Dose Dupla (Double Dose)

25- The Heat

Original U.S Title: The Heat

Translated Title: As Bem Armadas (The Well Armed)

26- Underdogs

Original Argentinian Title: Metegol

Original U.S Title: Underdogs

Translated Brazilian Title: Um Time Show de Bola (A Great Team)

27- Don Jon

Original U.S Title: Don Jon

Translated Title: Como Não Perder Essa Mulher (How Not To Lose This Woman)

28- Now You See Me

Original U.S Title: Now You See Me

Translated Title: Truque de Mestre (Master Trick)

29- 21 Jump Street / 22 Jump Street

Original U.S Title: 21 Jump Street / 22 Jump Street

Translated Title: Anjos da Lei / Anjos da Lei 2 (Angels of Law)

30- Jaws

Original U.S Title: Jaws

Translated Title: Tubarão (Shark)


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