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How much do you know about Jane Foster? In the movies she's pretty great, as far as starry-eyed love interest goes, at least. Yet, how much do you really know about her story?


Jane becomes very sick at one point and is diagnosed with cancer. Thor attempts to be there for her in her fight, yet he himself is helpless to do anything about it. He all but gives up Asgard in an attempt to support her in her struggles.

After months of struggle and pain, Jane is nearing death. In tears, Thor sees her reaching towards him and he starts to reach for her. Just then, Mjölnir soars past him and right into Jane's outstretched hand. This moment has to be one of the most crucial in the Marvel universe, much like when Vision picked up the hammer in Age of Ultron. Below, I have inserted a link describing some of the people who have lifted the hammer themselves. DC's Superman is included in this list, much to my delight!

Now mind you, Marvel features many different story lines. Thus, in one story line Captain America might have the ability to lift the hammer; however, whether you'll see that in the movies or not is still up for debate. (Though I do believe coming soon Cap will lift the hammer in the movies.) This is a momentous step in the development from the origin stories to the gut of the operation.

After Jane grasps the hammer, she becomes the embodiment of Thor/Asgard. She is strong enough to level mountains and worthy of ruling Asgard! It is later discovered that every time she puts the hammer down she becomes more and more weak. This portends that eventually the plot line of her possibly passing away after releasing the hammer too often.

In the end, we can expect much from future movies. Now that Vision has opened the door to others holding the hammer, how many will follow suit? What I love to think about is how many other story lines are hiding the in shadows. Also, which one can we expect to appear on screen?

12 Characters Who Have Been Able to Pick Up Thor's Hammer:
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