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I'm a geek not a nerd. There once was a difference, but not anymore thanks to mainstream media, so thanks Obama... lol.

There are tons of things that are big screen inspired from fashion to cosplay costumes, spin-offs, and even fan-fictions, but how often is it that a small scale fan fiction trailer inspires the big screen? Ok, so it does happen, but how often is it that you have irrefutable proof? Well, this is definitely the case with "The JokerBlogs" Youtube channel. The story began on October 21, 2008 a few months after the release of the Dark Knight movie that inspired it. It follows our favorite character in a fashion that not only hides it's low budget, but disguises it as purely intentional by the way it's filmed. The first-person/ found footage features none other than the beautiful Harleen Quinzel (before she was Joker's girl) and her attempts to rehabilitate the infamous Joker, but his cunning eccentric self makes her question, well I'm pretty sure most of you know the jist of it. The second season/series trailer, however, is where Warner Bros. got their idea for the musical direction of their trailer. Although the song is performed differently, there's no doubt they were biting off the little guy. Watch the videos and tell me what you think, and show some support to the "The JokerBlogs" channel for being such an inspiration to even the biggest media studio.

Let's make this trend on twitter and let the whole world know.
This about nothing more than their suspicious choice of song.


Do you think Warner Bros. ripped off the little guy?

Someone borrows an idea from the big screens and people go nuts, the big screen borrows from the little guy and no one bats an eye. Do you think Warner Bros. should at least give a shout out to ?


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