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John Arrey

As many of you know, today David Ayer formally released the Suicide Squad footage from Comic Con that had been pirated and leaked.

I was going over the trailer earlier (for the millionth time when I noticed something that can possibly be really, really important to the back-story to Harley Quinn in this movie.

In the picture above, Harley isn't Harley yet. If you can tell, she's wearing a suit and glasses, so it is safe to assume that she is still Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Also, she is strapped to some type of gurney or operating table and somebody (without a shirt, tattoos on their left shoulder, and a glove on their left hand) is cradling her head. Which brings us to these pictures:

The Joker, in both of those pictures, has no shirt, tats on his right shoulder, and a glove on his left hand!

Strange Love

So if you haven't already figured out what I'm trying to say here, I'll just go out and say it. Harley Quinn is the person Joker is going to hurt "really, really bad" in the end of the Suicide Squad trailer.

What Do You Guys Think Though?


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