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If like me you are embedded in season 2 of True Detective on HBO you will have noticed two things so far as we reach the midway point of the series.

1. Detective Velcoro is clearly based off Farrells early life in the spotlight.

2. Paul Woodrugh is as bent as an S hook and if you haven't figured that out by now then you are also gay and don't know it yet.

While many would believe that sexual chemistry is building between Velcoro and McAdams' character Ani Bezzerides and that the two will embrace sooner rather than later, the more astute fan will have already deduced that this is merely a red herring added by show creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto to trow us off the scent of the true romance that is brewing.

We have yet to see many scenes with just Velcoro and Woodrugh but the few we have are brimming with sexual chemistry. In a tender scene where Velcoro picks up a dejected Woodrugh after his bike is stolen and has been hounded by the press, he does his best to bring up the spirit of his partner with kind comforting words and offering him a harmless drink , or is it harmless? We can clearly see the longing in Farrells eyes as he gazes at his younger partner, he senses his vulnerability and attempts to get him drunk enough that he can take advantage of Woodrugh in his stupor so they can make passionate gay love in the back seat.

Skeptics will say Velcoro has shown no signs of hidden homosexual tendencies but I propose a fool proof theory for these doubters. Velcoro has a deep-seated hatred for women ever since his wife left him after he exacted revenge upon the man who raped and assaulted her. We see evidence for this when he saves Ani from being run over by a truck thus depraving her of the sweet release of death he so crave's. Velcoro's choice of attire is another indicator that he swings for the other team , bolo tie and moustache... really cowboy? Village people very much? It's safe to assume that he had his first gay encounter with crime boss Frank Semyon in that stingy bar they have there weekly meetings in after one too many Strawberry Daiquiris and now hopes to lure Woodrugh into his seedy world of alcoholism and sodomy.

Velcoro is taken aback when Woodrugh seems oblivious to his blatant advances but after an intense shootout where they both survive along with Bezzerides it seems Farrell will once again try his luck at seducing his brooding colleague, but with Woodrugh in denial over his sexuality will he deny Velcoro's advances yet again or will he give into his feelings and embrace his older sugar daddy?

I await next weeks episode with bathed breath, stayed tuned and watch this space for any further developments on the Farrell / Kitsch romance.


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