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Henry Starling Jr.

Book Of Death #1

Writer: Robert Venditti

Art: Robert Gill, Doug Braithwaite

Color: David Baron, Brian Reber

Letterer: Dave Lanphear

Design: Dylan Todd

Covers: Robert Gill, Brian Reber, Cary Nord, Clayton Crain, Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Paolo Rivera, Pete Perez, Scot Eaton, Ulises Arreola, Rafa Sandoval, Juan Jose Ryp, Peter Pantazis, Ryan Lee, Allen Passalaqua, Cafu, Jason Strutz, Zach Dolan, Laurie Foster, Steven Segovia

Valiant Entertainment

The Geomancer. The voice of the Earth. After the events of The Valiant, the Earth is in a bit of a fix, it seems that the mystery of the box is ultimately the Earth's protector, The Geomancer. But....who is she? Why was she in the box? Who is she? We are about to find out.

I am going to do something on this review that I usually don't do on my reviews. I am giving a personal opinion on this issue. One sentence. This issue was probably the best single issue I have read, by any company,...PERIOD.

Robert Venditti has taken on a massive undertaking with this project. He succeeded folks. His writing, flipping from the concerned Eternal Warrior protecting the Geomancer, to her pouting how she's cramped and tired of running and reading the book, over and over again. I read with baited breathe as I read the fate of the Earth, her past, his future. I was a kid again reading this, feeling, for the first time with reading Valiant, a sense of loss. Dread. And then anger. We are in for a ride!

Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite do a fantastic job of breathing life into Robert Venditti's words. I especially love the transition from current day, with one art style, to the near future, with a different art style. Also with the double splash pages, and the future panels, there is tons to see and examine. Little nuances that may miss if you just glance.

David Baron and Brian Reber did a great job of keeping up with Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite with different color styles. Bright current day tones, dark overtones for the future. Some of the best color jobs I've seen in a long while.

And what can I say about the covers that hasn't been said already. So many different styles. But all just as brilliant as the last. Personally, I will be putting this up on my wall for art aesthetics.

Overall, hopefully I didn't go overboard on this as I was just too thrilled to read this book. And this is just 1 of 12 to read! I am so excited for Valiant right now.

Rating: 5/5


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