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Comic-Con is a big event where movie and comic-book fans get to see an exclusive first look in the upcoming films by several big movie studios. This event usually entrusts the viewers solely on the honor system to enjoy the film and avoid taking unauthorized videos of the new trailers that they've shown them.

Some fans however tend to ignore this request by the studios and still take videos of the trailers and leak them online. We saw upcoming movies such as Ryan Reynold's Deadpool teaser trailer and DC's supervillain team-up 'Suicide Squad' getting leaked online thereafter.

Now we also get a look at X-Men: Apocalypse's teaser trailer as it has been posted online in low quality. Courtesy of AlphaNerd, we get to see footage featuring the new characters Jean Gray, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler and more. It also features dialogue from the main villain 'Apocalypse' played by Oscar Isaac, and by the end of the clip we see him in his full outfit recruiting mutants for his Four Horsemen. Magneto looks at him and asks "Who the f*ck are you?". There's also some action included, and a particular scene where Magneto is now with Apocalypse and using his powers to control Professor X's wheelchair.

There's quite a lot of footage considering it's a teaser trailer. Bryan Singer also said that this was actually filmed in just 5 weeks, having to leave their filming location to attend Comic-Con.

Now that the convention is over, Singer is back at work directing the X-Men film, and we are left with a grainy footage of the exclusive trailer. Hopefully these leaks doesn't change the studio's views in releasing exclusive trailers for the fans attending Comic-Con in the next couple of years.

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