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In one of my Loki one shots, i make a batman returns scene, with Loki and you! please enjoy! made it a while ago. :D

I have been Loki's slave for years now, and one day i found in his private room, which i was cleaning up, his secret plans to destroy New York...

"Working late," i hear a whisper besides me. i jump and gasp as i realize Loki caught me. my palms start to sweat and my heart beats faster in fright.

"I-I'm up early," i manage to say as i put the papers back in their drawers.

"How nice," he says. i couldn't tell if it was sarcastic or a compliment, but he didn't have a certain emotion on his face. "How did you find my papers," he snapped slightly. "May i ask," he said whispering the last part.

"Um,well,a" i stuttered as i walked back a ways near a window near his table. his eyes followed me. "I just wanted to tidy up and i was going to pt something away in the drawer when i say..." i whispered the last part. he walked closer to me.

"hmmm," he says. he motions for me to sit in a chair and he sits next to me. i look at him nervously.

"Um...This is all so very...interesting," i say trying to make it a little better. "It's a little bit on the technical side," i laugh nervously. "I mean of New York and not San Francisco, in fact it's going to be a ...marvelous...invasion," i stuttered nervously. He just keeps on nodding. "And the tesseract...I think that's a great approach i'd say," i say looking down and glancing at him.

"And who would you say this to?" he said.

I looked up. "," i lied.

He gets up and i slowly rise. he starts walking towards me.

"What did curiosity the cat?" he glared at me. i slowly started to back up with him getting closer and closer.

"i' cat," i admitted. "I'm just a slave," i submitted.

"And a very good one," he said in a sarcastic tone.

"To good?" i say nervously. he nods. "It's our secret," i begged as i bumped into the window. "honest, how can you be so mean to someone so meaningless!" i finally cry. he puts a hand on the wall trapping me in the corner.

"This plan, along with the throne of Asgard, is my legacy. Nothing...must prevent that," he whispers.

"Ok" i say, "go ahead. Interrogate me,bully me if it makes you feel big! you can't just kill someone!" i cry, knowing it's probably me.

"Actaully... It's a lot like that," he smirks.

I gasp and panic. i had no words left. I started to cry, while he looks at my neck looking at it. he leans in and i gasp as he jolts back and laughs. he smiles at me, "ha!" he said like he got me.

"What?" i say nervously. and i breath out. i then start to laugh harder with him.

"You know, a second there you really frighten-" but i was cut off and he lunged at me and pushes me....out the window. the only thing he hears...were my screams.


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