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Sam S

It might be short but, Hey! it has Loki of awesomeness in it!lol i made this short story on my Loki one-shots. (found on my page). and in my opinion i like it. do you?

I've been Loki's slave, ever since i was a little girl. i polished his armor, held his heavy staff, brought him his food, and stayed by his side if he needed me for anything. One night, the palace was celebrating Thor's victory... But Loki forbid i go. Everyone else was going, except me. So i...well...i sneaked out and went. i kinda bumped into Thor and he and i immediately liked each other. we laughed and talked, which he didn't even know i was even a slave to his own palace. But before i could even say my name to him... i saw Loki come strolling in. even though i was wearing a disguise... which was a fancy dress, and a nice hairstyle, i ran out, leaving Thor. The very next day, Loki got a message saying Thor was trying to find his... Mystery girl. i couldn't let Loki find out it was me, but when i read the message myself, i went love struck. Loki read my mind...literally, and locked me in my room. i was absolutely heart broken.


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