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Hello everyone! So I'm sure we're still rehabilitating from the awesome news that came from San Diego Comic-Con. As awesome as it is, we can not turn a blind eye to the amazing local conventions we have. My local nerd convention is called Florida Supercon and as of this year it is 10 years old and it continues to grow. I have already told my experience on this site, but I want to tell you about the passionate fans of this convention and a bit about themselves. Specifically the awesome cosplayers, who are some of the biggest fans of their geekdom.

I interviewed five people. Four of them are cosplayers and one is a first time attendee of the convention. I, of course, had to take awesome selfies with them as well. So here we go!

The young lady in the middle of the photo is Vicky and she is accompanied by her boyfriend, who also happens to be a good of mine. She was the first person I interviewed at the convention and it was her first time ever in Supercon. Right away she was amazed by the craziness and sheer awesomeness that this convention presented. What she truly enjoyed about the convention more than anything were the cosplays. She herself also said she would cosplay as Prince Zuko from the animated series The Last Airbender. One she loved was the community that was in the convention. Everyone was kind, friendly, and like that there was a sense of equality. Away from all the judging and into a place of acceptance on who you wish/want to be.

Now cosplays are always fun, but every once in a while you see a cosplayer and you say to yourself, "How did he make that?" That was my reaction when I met this cosplay of Scorpion.

I met this cosplayer creeping around the convention. Sadly, I did not get his name but I got some great insight on the costume. The costume is Scorpion, a Spider-Man villain but with a more modern twist. In his version he thought about how he could make Scorpion look realistic without being too silly and he thought of making him look like a terrorist in a militia of sorts. You can't really see his back because I'm blocking it but his back and tail is supposed to be a bomb. All I could really do was just look at his costume in amazement because it was truly one of the best cosplays I've seen.

No a funny thing happened while I was walking around the convention... I stumbled upon Deadpool!

I met this wonderful cosplayer in a great and somewhat accurate costume of the new Deadpool movie. I asked the cosplayers name, but in a true, Deadpool fashion, he just answered Deadpool. It was his second time at Florida Supercon and he absolutely loved. He loved seeing the people, the cosplayers, and most of all, he loved seeing himself. There were several Deadpool cosplay's but this one truly stood out from the rest. He even said that "I'm the real Deadpool, I just have several twins." He even gave me some advice and told me to cosplay as himself next convention. I'll definitely consider it buddy.

Now with Deadpool around, you're certain to find his "bestie" Spider-Man!

In any convention you go to, you will always find everyone's favorite web-head. However, the man behind the mask isn't Peter Parker but just a huge fan named Ruben. This was his second time attending Florida Supercon and he said that he couldn't get enough of it. He loves the ambiance and the people in it and wishes everyday could be like it. His favorite part of the convention is seeing cosplayers get into the character their portraying. Most of the time you wouldn't see people out on the street trying to be like any other character, but in conventions, you're whoever you want to be! Ruben also told me that he loves the special guest that come, as he is a big Power Ranger and Wrestling fan. He wanted to the actor who played the White Ranger and a wrestler who's name escape's me. Seeing Ruben be in character as Spidey is truly a fun sight to see.

No I'm obviously a huge comic book fan bu that doesn't mean I don't kick back and play video games. One of my favorite video games to play is MORTAL KOMBAT and in attendance was one of my favorite characters, Sektor.

One of my favorite characters in the whole Mortal Kombat universe, the man behind the mask is Robert and he has a passion for that game. He told me that he was with a group of friends who were cosplaying as characters from the game. Sadly I wasn't able to see them. Now Robert is a veteran when it comes to Florida Supercon, coming for five straight years. He says that it's the costumes that bring him back every year. Deciding each year, which character he'll portray next. One thing he enjoys very much is the expansion and the growth of the convention. He's noticed that throughout every year he's attended, the con grows in size and popularity. With the expansion comes more panels to see, as that is his favorite thing in conventions. I interviewed him, right after the wonderful Hayley Atwell Q&A and he said that he can't get enough of the panels.

That is all for my interviews but I still saw some amazing cosplays:

A Superb Sam Wilson, Captain America cosplay
A Superb Sam Wilson, Captain America cosplay
A few Mandalorian bounty hunters
A few Mandalorian bounty hunters
An amazingly detailed Cap cosplay
An amazingly detailed Cap cosplay
Probably one of the scariest Joker I've ever seen
Probably one of the scariest Joker I've ever seen

So there you have it, some amazing cosplays that I've ever seen and I hope to see more in the future. After writing this I have decided to take Deadpool's advice and cosplay, only not as him. I definitly have some working out to do but it will be well worth. Next time you see me in a convention, get ready to meet either Daredevil or Kylo Ren.

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