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This past weekend San Diego, California transformed into a pop culture mecca for film and comic fans around the globe with the annual Comic-Con event.

Dozens of films took to the streets outside of the convention to promote their upcoming projects, and while pedestrians easily found posters and hand-outs everywhere, American Ultra decided to take its marketing strategy to the next level!

American Ultra, which tells the story of a perpetually stoned "sleeper" government operative (Jessie Eisenberg), decided to offer stressed Comic-Con fans an effective relaxation method by giving out free medical marijuana. Taking advantage of California's legalization of medical marijuana, The American Ultra team utilized the herb as a pretty chill marketing method for their latest stoner action-comedy.

Don't get too overly excited yet, though! Not just anyone could get the goods. The 'American Ultra Government Program' had a few requirements you had to meet before getting your fair share of herbal bliss...

1. Read the Top Secret Government Document

The "redacted" government flyer, which was sent to various media outlets during the weekend for mass distribution, asks prospective agents to please enlist in the American Ultra Program. Once you have finished reading the document and enlisted, please proceed to the next step.

2. Visit

The next step in the American Ultra enlistment process was to visit the official government website for the program. Sadly, the website was GPS sensitive and only functioned correctly for those operatives located in the city of San Diego between July 9th and 12th.

3. Provide Vital Information

The enlistees who were in the city at the appropriate time would then need to provide American Ultra with his or her personal information, including name, birthday, driver license number, and proof of medical marijuana prescription. This information allows the program to confirm each prospective agent's eligibility.

4. Please Wait Patiently...

Once your personal information was entered and your application was approved, you simply waited for your weed to be conveniently delivered to you by bicycle. With 14 locations across San Diego, the goods could be delivered directly to you no matter your location.

5. Enjoy!

Congrats! You've been accepted into the American Ultra Program. Now lay back, relax, take a hit of fresh, San Diego grown cannabis, and get ready to kick some ass on August 21st!


Did you enjoy some specialty 'American Ultra' weed this weekend in San Diego?



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