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Caleb Brelsford

Been alot of buzz going on following the new batman s. superman doj trailer. Personally I thought it looked amazing first glance between pickin up directly after man of steel and molding batman into it as a seasoned crimefighter with a checkered past. Brilliant, if you watch closely it looks as if theres a flashback scene where bruce wayne is running towards the black zero event (superman and zod fight) in man of steel and plunges into a cloud of dust to save a little girl. Either that or theres another epic fight in this we dont know of that yet. but you gotta wonder what was he doing there ? the news of zod invading earths signals and warning the world the danger of hiding kal el probably got his attention and decided to come and investigate dont forget the fact the black zero event wiped out one of waynes towers in metropolis and a satelite if you watch MOS the space fight scene clearly shows a wayne enterprises satelite being demolished. That probably got waynes attention as well and you gotta look at it from batmans perspective hes a seasoned crimefighter whos seen and done alot the trailer clearly shows bruce looking at robins suit with the words i got the best of you batman on it so robins already dead which means nightwings probably already up n running if you assume snyders following dc's comic storyline or at least a similiar timeline so hes learned to treat everything and everyone as a threat until proven otherwise and supermans just tapping his power no real self control yet so of course batmans weary of this strange and powerful alien who half caused thousands of deaths during the zod battle and add to that superman is still coming to terms with his origins feeling guilty for the destruction him and zod caused fighting and guilty of his death he also doesnt trust a soul except for his mom and lois so hows he expected to react when batman comes sniffing around clearly out for blood. Alfred seems to be the only one who sees the truth so far its alfred though always there to steer bruce in the right direction when it comes to his rage and distrust towards others though even batmans being stubborn on taking alfreds side on this it seems so far so that partially explains why the movies titled what it is. And whats up with lex luthor ? did anyone else feel excited when jesse eisenberg was talking to the senator ? i did, it shows me he has enough confidence for the role and clearly having big shoes to fill he intends to deliver. The origin of him is what excites me most hes seen talkin to the senator in DOJ so hes in a position of power at this point already. if you remember MOS during the zod battle a truck was thrown at superman and clearly says lex corporations on it so hes already ammassed great wealth and friends in high places otherwise he'd have no chance meeting with a senator and why you think hes meeting with her ? possibly after seeing superman show his strength in MOS he sees him as a threat towards future goals and feels he should get the people in power on his side now taking him out of commission hes definitely schemimg on kent early on as hes shown looking at a display case with what appears to be kryptonite in it clarks only weakness hes definitely playing two sides cause hes later seen with his hands on supermans head as if gaining his trust ? probably something to do with him turning kent against batman maybe or hes merely out to use him for his own personal gain either way supermans not going to be happy when he finds out his true motives and you can bet that'll be part of if not the whole origin behind why they become enemies forever more and the fact luthor has hair says something as hes always been bald in past roles throughout the years it means either snyder has his own visions for DOJ despite comics past or it could be the start of something maybe clark loses it n causes an accident resulting in losing his hair "disfigured" etc. , the possibilities are endless or.... it means nothing but the start of a beautiful frenemyship either way its exciting to see dc come so far and see what roads will be taken and what about wonderwoman ? clearly her origins have passed and shes already lassoed up and ready to fight what brought her there so far from her own home ? and whos she fighting ? if DOJ is the premise to justice league then we can assume she hasnt met batman or superman yet let alone know their intentions either way its gonna be epic and with jason mamoas aquaman and cyborg in tow ! maybe a cameo for DOJ is a thing ? or just a mentioning even either way its really looking like dc will deliver the justice league we need and deserve and do it right despite some past flops (daredevil, greenlantern) to name a few and whether your a diehard comic book enthusiast and prefer the traditional story or just getting into it eitherway you can be sure you dont wanna miss.


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