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Everybody likes their favorite badass to have a badass scar, although not every scar will turn you into a badass, but it might get you closer.

That's why I have made a short list about my 5 favorite scarred charcters in movies, I know there are TONS of eligible characters, but I decided to go with the ones that I enjoy watching the most.

So let's say no more and get down with the count.

5. Col. Miles Quaritch (Avatar)

Taking the 5th place in my list is the Chief of Hell's Gate security, he is the main check against the Na'vi and he got his 3 distinctive facial scars on his first day in Pandora, having rejected the chance of returning home for reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation; he decided to stay in Pandora to exact revenge upon the Na'vi.

He despises the Na'vi race and succeeded in destroying their Hometree, and killing thousands of them.

Thanks to his long military carrer he's an exceptional military strategist, marksman and hand-to-hand combatant.

He takes the battle to the Na'vi using his AMP suit ( a robotical exoskeleton designed to fight the Na'vi and explore Pandora's hostile environment) and his own Dragon Assault Ship (an enormous transport and combat aircraft for large scale military ops).

After all his efforts to destroy the Na'vi and take Pandora's resources he died in combat, by the hand of Neytiri who shot two arrows to his chest.

Quaritch's death
Quaritch's death

4. Tony Montana (Scarface)

Tony Montana
Tony Montana

Although Tony's scar origins are not quite clear, his signature scar running from his left eyebrow and down through his cheek; makes him a character so easily recognized that he has the 27th place in the "100 Greatest movie Characters list" published in 2011.

One of the thousands of Cuban immigrants going to Miami, Tony found his way into the criminal underworld, starting as a low-time smuggler and drug distribuitor in exchange for money and a Green card so he could become a U.S. citizen, Tony's ambition led him from being an illegal immigrant to one of the most wanted drug lords in the U.S..

Tony becomes a drug addict and starts to slowly lose control of his empire, marriage and friendships, to the point of killing his best friend Manny after learning that Manny and Tony's sister Gina just married and were planning to tell Tony that same day.

He died in his house, gunned down by Bolivian gang members (leaded by Alejandro Sosa, a Bolivian drug kingpin, former ally of Tony until he betrayed him) but Tony didn't died quietly, armed with a M-16 grenade launcher-equipped assault rifle (Tony's little friend) and high ammounts of cocaine running through his veins, Tony stands face to the intruders trying to take him down, giving birth to one of the film's most remembered phrases "Say hello to my little friend!"

Ultimately Tony was taken down when one of Sosa's men, climbed up his window and blastTony from the back with a shotgun, Tony fell into his pool, where there was a statue with the legend: "The world is yours" .

"Say hello to my little friend!"
"Say hello to my little friend!"

3. The Joker (The Dark Knight)

"Here's my card"
"Here's my card"

Not a surprise, this Arkham inmate is, according to a lot of people the best Joker portrayal ever, I respectfully disagree.

Taking in mind the extreme amount of dedication that Heath Ledger put into this character, and his passing after all the success, for me Jack Nicholson's Joker is still better in more aspects.

But that's a story for other day, in this case, Ledger's Joker's scars origins are subject of discussion among fans, there are several theories about how he got his scars, from a self-inflicted way to sympathize to his wife's unfortunate disfiguration, to a horrible mutilation caused by his father when he was just a child.

In the film, the Joker shows more mentally insane characteristics that his predecesor played by Nicholson, now the Joker has a more dark and deranged feel to him, using intense humor changes, and inventive ways to kill people in order to force Batman to reveal his true identity, disregarding any possible risk that his plans my pose to himself, since he believes that people making plans always get caught inside their own schemes and suffer the consequences.

After being caught, the Joker finally faces Batman face to face, only to reveal his plan to kill Harvey Dent (Gotham's white Knight) or Rachel Dawes ( Bruce's childhood friend and secret love)

The Joker manages to escape from prison and in a final plan to uncover Batman he is defeated by the Dark Knight in a hand-to-hand fight.

"Why so serious?"
"Why so serious?"

2. Scar (Disney's, The Lion King)

"I shall practice my curtsey"
"I shall practice my curtsey"

The black Lion, the family's turned aside member.

This sneaky lion is one of my favorite due to his sense of humor, combined with a twisted wish and determination to achieve his plans, by ANY means necessary.

As other characters in this list, the origin of Scar's scar is not determined in the film, but it gives him a more vicious look.

Scar is voiced in The Lion King by Jeremy Irons, giving this character a really good villain feel, also allowing him to have a certain charm despite of being clearly the "bad guy" in the movie.

In the movie, Simba (Scar's nephew) to be the heir of the kingdom when his father Mufasa passes away, Scar devices a plan to murder Mufasa and Simba as well, manipulating the Hienas to help him with his plan, Scar murders Mufasa during an stampede and convinces Simba that his father died because of Simba's fault; causing Simba to go to exile, then Scar orders the hienas to kill Simba.

This way Scar rules over the kingdom, causing hunger and misery to all the animals, lions and hienas alike, after several years Simba returs and reclaims his throne by right, Scar faces Simba in fight, but when Simba almost defeated him Scar tries to blame the hienas about all of hi plan, then he is eaten by the hienas who he just betrayed in front of all the kingdom.

"No, I didn't mean to..."
"No, I didn't mean to..."

1. Harry Potter

Who else if not "The Chosen One"?

As the protagonist of one of my favorite book series, this scarred character hits the number 1 in my list. Why?

The origins of Harry's scar are well known, caused by the most powerful Dark wizard of all times, Harry's scar is the reason of many of Harry's magical talents and also the reason to some of his defects.

During the entire book and film saga the truth is uncovered about Harry's past and future, an his scar makes him famous among the wizarding world as "The Boy Who lived" as a reference of Harry being the only known survivor of the Avada kedavra, the Killing Curse, one of the 3 "Unforgivable curses".

So that's it for my favorite scarred movie characters, it was a difficult choice among many other movie badasses, but if you have a favorite of your own please let us know...


Who's your favorite movie character with scars?


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