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Geek, nerd, dork. These are titles I like to proudly give myself because it's true. For the past five years I have been attending comic conventions and I cannot get enough of them. The atmosphere is surreal and the people are amazing. I thought now would be a perfect time to write this article, right after SDCC2015. All around the world there are hundreds of awesomely nerdy conventions, so which one is your favorite?

I am excluding San Diego Comic-Con because that is the ultimate hub of all the nerdy conventions. I want you to tell me your personal favorite. One where you would go back to year after year.

I guess it's only fitting to tell you mine, right? I have been to five different conventions. Tamp Bay Comic-Con, Megacon (Orlando), Animate Miami, Magic City Comic-Con, and my personal favorite, Florida Supercon.

If you don't know, Florida Supercon is the largest convention in South Florida and it only seems to grow. Being from Miami, it's always nice to go to a convention that's close to home. I have been going every summer for five straight years and I will try to continue to go every year for as long as I possibly can.

Being relatively young, the convention has grown significantly since when I started going. So much so that they even had to switch locations to a larger convention center allowing more room for panels and exhibitors.

What's so great about Supercon, at least for me, is that it's got a nice homey feel. As phenomenal as I bet San Diego Comic-Con is, I like the fact that Supercon is smaller and still young compared to most conventions. Every year as the days get closer to Supercon I become overwhelmed with excitement because I never know what's going to happen or who I'll see. This year I saw several of my classmates that I graduated with in high school, so I asked them how they heard about Supercon , each always responding with something like, "I always knew, but never came until now and I don't want to leave!"

Last year's Supercon with my good friend Mario
Last year's Supercon with my good friend Mario

Florida Supercon is an amazing place for me. It might simply be because it's near my house or because the guests that appear are always great, but no matter what, I am always happy and having a good time at Florida Supercon and that's what it's supposed to do to you.

So, there you have it! There's my favorite convention. What's yours?

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