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Doctor Who has really pulled it's socks up wouldn't you say? That trailer was about a 9000% increase in quality over the last "teaser" we were permitted. Most shows add content bit by bit to their respective trailers, but not Doctor Who! We go from a still rendering of the TARDIS straight to a full blown showcase of everything we'll see in Season 9! After this most recent trailer, hopes are high for the Doctor and Clara pushing on into the future... and the past, I guess. Here are a few things you might have missed from the most recent trailer!

A budget increase for Doctor Who Season 9!

Right off the bat, you'll notice a jump in visual fidelity from past seasons, especially if you compare this season to the Russell T Davis days. Gone is any semblance of shaky sets or plasticine CGI! Doctor Who is now painting itself alongside Hollywood heavyweights. There's a weird Prometheus vibe to some of this trailer, and it's all down the metamorphosis Doctor Who has been going through. While viewing figures have been falling in its native UK market, the ratings have only been going up in the US, and that means one thing. Doctor Who is now styling itself as a grandiose space epic! Gone are the safe, plinky plonky adventures of yesteryear. Make of that what you will. I'm just glad we're past the awkward teething phase of Seasons 5-7!

Gallifrey found!

Could this be Gallifrey?
Could this be Gallifrey?

So you'll remember that Season 8 ended with Missy totally trolling the Doctor by suggesting that she had the coordinates for the, as yet still lost, Gallifrey. This led to a brilliant two-way lie between the Doctor and Clara that was perhaps my favorite thing about Season 8. Now this isn't set in stone, but the trailer for Season 9 exhibits someone in seemingly Gallifreyan garb. They seem to be using a torch signal to communicate with people across an alien lake.

We still don't know if Doctor Who Season 9 will depict Gallifrey, and if it does, we can be sure it will simply go through yet another cycle. It will be destroyed, then resurrected through time, then lost, then hinted at in a trailer, then a guy will type these exact words on MoviePilot... forever and ever and ever!

Missy working with our heroes!

Are they a team now?
Are they a team now?

Missy was always gonna be a prominent feature in Doctor Who Season 9, though perhaps she will no longer be saved up as the big bad at the end of the season. Rather, she could be tagging along with the Doctor and Clara, a thorn in their side throughout the body of the Season. A brief shot of Missy and Clara together, turning their heads in unison seems to suggest they're working together, or at least attempting to evade the same dangers and challenges. I'm personally a fan of villains being rendered begrudging allies by the plot, and Michelle Gomez seems perfectly suited for that kind of role!

Maisie Williams joins the Doctor!

Actually yeah. We were expecting you.
Actually yeah. We were expecting you.

And so the trailer saves the biggest reveal of all until the end. Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame seems to be set to become a new companion! I have to say Doctor Who loses a little bit of its "hey we're just a kid's show" excuse, here. I'm just saying; they didn't cast Williams because of her role as Arya Stark in that timeless children's classic, Game of Thrones!

One thing that's interesting about Maisie Williams' appearance is that the Doctor simply responds with "you?". While I don't want to get sucked into a Moffat specialty guessing game, this suggests that she is a figure from his past. What with her familiarity with the Doctor, I'd wager she could turn out to be the alien companion we've heard so many rumors about. She's most likely a Time Lady in this respect, much like the very first companion, Susan Foreman. So that's everything new showcased in the trailer for Doctor Who Season 9. Oh yeah and there were some Daleks okay bye!


What part of this trailer are you most excited for in Doctor Who Season 9?


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