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I'm genuinely curious to see what the reaction to Better Call Saul season 2 will be! Fans expected a similar trajectory to Joey, with the jokey fan favorite getting his own spin-off that desperately tried to ape the magic of the original, only it would have Vince Gilligan involved so it would be irritatingly good. While the irritatingly good quality remains, Better Call Saul is a far cry from Breaking Bad, giving fans a slow and measured character study.

Better Call Saul Season 2

This identity shift didn't turn people away from Better Call Saul. The first season of the show was still solid, beard-strokingly good television. There is now the situation where fans know what to expect with Season 2, and the possibility for Vince Gilligan to pull the rug up from beneath them once more! What are a few things we would like to see in Better Call Saul Season 2?

More swindling!

The final episode of Better Call Saul Season 1 that sees Jimmy reconnect with his old pal Marco and "relapse" into their old con artist techniques features one of the most entertaining montages Peter Gould has managed to create. There's a genuine catharsis to seeing Jimmy cheat the system that has screwed him over so often. After Chuck betrays him in the Season 1 finale, Jimmy falls into somewhat of a cavalier attitude, no longer caring to climb the ranks he doesn't belong in. Hopefully this means we'll see Jimmy descend into ever more sleazy yet entertaining situations!

Michael Mando

It's not how it looks! Honest!
It's not how it looks! Honest!

The introduction of Michael Mando as Nacho Varga was one of the most exciting things about Better Call Saul. He was a more tempered and collected kind of criminal than Tuco, and represented to Jimmy the possibility of delving into the more sinister yet profitable world of crime that would eventually make him Saul Goodman. Sadly, Nacho was sparingly used in Season 1, though I'd wager that he could make an appearance in Season 2, bringing a greater sense of danger and tension to Jimmy's world, and bringing him that little bit closer to the wily lawyer we all enjoyed in Breaking Bad.

More post Breaking Bad sequences

So he did end up in a Cinnabun!
So he did end up in a Cinnabun!

I'm worried that the brilliant cold open at the start of Season 1 was just a hook to remind us of how far this character had come. Perhaps this post Breaking Bad sequence was designed just to give us a sense of perspective, but I for one would love to see more of them. Even if they didn't convey any explicit story, they would still provide a foreboding sense of dread. Nor could these sequences be called cynical, as was the case with Breaking Bad Season 2, for we know what happens to get Saul in this position. They would just serve as an omnipresent reminder!


I've already spoken about my apprehension surrounding the reintroduction of Gus here. While bringing back fan favorites in spin-offs usually reeks of desperation, this move seems almost inevitable for Better Call Saul. Just as something has to happen to turn Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman, some occurrence or meeting must go down to take Mike from being the grumpy parking attendant escaping his past to being the ruthless right hand of Gus Fring. Vince Gilligan has already spoken about how he doesn't wish to exploit the stocks of great characters that Breaking Bad cultivated, though bringing back Gus seems like a no-brainer at this stage. Just don't expect seeing a neatly mustachioed pre-Heisenberg Walter White washing Saul's Car and making a very pointed glance at the camera!


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