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Oh, my God, you guys. As an American Horror Story fan, this is the most exciting 10 seconds of video I've seen for a long-ass time. Before we get to all of the juicy details that Ryan Murphy and the AHS cast spilled at SDCC 2015, check out the following fabulous promo - our very first look at American Horror Story: Hotel.

Pretty cool, huh? Sure, it's only a few seconds but it's the taste of excitement that's the important thing - and we know that this will be the first of many. It also hints that we can expect some Gaga-like costumes in the new season - although Murphy is adamant that there will be NO musical numbers in Hotel.

Murphy also revealed that Gaga will be a dark, bad character for Hotel:

Gaga said, 'I want to be evil' and I said, 'OK, you've come to the right place.'

As will ALL OF the other American Horror Story: Hotel characters on the SDCC panel, so expect to see these previous seasons' heroes rocking their dark side...

Sarah Paulson as Hypodermic Sally

Previous Roles: Billie Dean Howard (AHS: Murder House), Lana Winters (AHS: Asylum), Cordelia Foxx (AHS: Coven), Bette and Dot Tattler (AHS: Freak Show)

Matt Bomer as Donovan

Previous Roles: Andy in American Horror Story: Freak Show

Kathy Bates as Iris

Previous Roles: Delphine LaLaurie (AHS: Coven), Ethel Darling (AHS: Freak Show)

Angela Bassett as Ramona

Previous Roles: Marie Laveau (AHS: Coven), Desiree Dupree (AHS: Freak Show)

Evan Peters as Mr. March

Previous Roles: Tate Langdon (AHS: Murder House), Kit Walker (AHS: Asylum), Kyle Spencer (AHS: Coven) and Jimmy Darling (AHS: Freak Show)

Here's the whole panel discussion taken from San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H. It's 45 minutes long and is a back-and-forth between American Horror Story and Murphy's other horror project Scream Queens and it's TOTALLY WORTH watching. They talk about their upcoming roles in Hotel around the 34:00 mark.

Seriously, if you've ever loved American Horror Story, if you're curious about Scream Queens and GODDAMMIT if you think that Jamie Lee Curtis is a horror icon superheroine goddess, watch it!

My favorite part - Ryan Murphy hinting that a certain fan favorite will return for American Horror Story Season 6:

If you love it, great, come back, if you don't you can leave. Or, you can go off for a year and come back, aka Jessica Lange!


Which is your favorite season of American Horror Story?

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